I had a pretty normal childhood. When I was insolent I was stripped naked and beaten. I spent my summers making meat helmets in the Black forest. Pretty standard stuff actually

I have been a type 1 diabetic since 1974 enjoy bike riding to raise money for diabetes research JDRF, enjoy triathlon, suffering from prolonged exertion in the sun, beautiful sunsets and spending time with my extremely hot wife.
(yes I am married to a babe)

Triathlon, biking, coaching, ukuleles of course, muaix in gwneral. what makes the universe tick
my secret underground lair
your kidding right???


"I never said I could spell" Greg Mrakich

23 million Americans have Diabetes! You can be a part of the solution. Won't you donate today and be part of the cure by supporting me the Race for the Cure Ride this Oct 17?
(any amount helps from $5-$25)