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  • You're welcome Ed. Yes, the Koaloha is very nice indeedie. It sounds great and plays like a dream. I didn't have to tweak it any, the nut and saddle are both set up very nice. Thanks again...!!!
    Trying to figure this out. I sent you a message yesterday but now can't find that conversation! Did you get one yesterday.
    Haven't seen the email yet. Please use musicguymic@aol.com or askmusicguymic@ theukulelesite.com to send the pictures to me. Mahalo. Mgm
    could you send a picture because if that is true and also be sure you are you measurering from top of fret to bottom of string something is wrong as it would never leave our factory that high. I can remedy this nut need side pictures of strings at nut and strings at saddle.
    Please can you measure the height at the twelfth fret..Since you are not original purchaser i may not be able to fix it for you personally but can easily walk you thru lowering the action MGM 808-927-7297
    Saw where you visited my neck of the woods (profile). Out of curiosity, what brought you there?
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