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  • Hafa Adai,

    I live in Cincinnati but will be in Guam in September 2012. I would like to meet you and other uke players in Guam. I was born in Saipan and visiting family in Guam. I hope to meet one day.
    A couple more questions:

    Is a keiyo underssaddle pickup any good?
    Are active shadow electronics good? And what is the difference between keiyo and active shadow?
    And will there be a difference in sound if the uke has a cutaway shape rather than an 8 shape?

    Si Yu'us Må'åse'
    Oh okay! That sounds great! I can wait for the shipments to come in!

    Okay. The whole time i thought the glossy shiny top was laminate and the not glossy was solid or real wood. But i'll be waiting.

    Like i said, I will wait. Thank you very much. And please thank JB for me :)

    Si Yu'us Må'åse'
    oh lol its okay. I was questioning how such a beautiful uke could be so cheap. Okay. By when do you think these orders will be coming in?

    Well, I may be doing a couple of gigs around November, but the pickup isn't really a Big thing that I would need. But saying the other places, you mean on Guam also? If the other places you would suggest probably has better tenors right now, I would be pleased if you can tell me about them. But I really wouldn't mind paying the shipping along side.

    One other thing, what wood would you suggest for my uke? I am looking for a deep tone, but a tenor. I still want to tune my ukulele to standard (GCEA). Also, how can i tell the difference between laminated wood and solid?

    Si Yu'us Må'åse'
    Well, i can probably go maybe to a $600 dollar uke, but i dont think it will make much of a difference with the range of ukuleles i can get..

    Right now i have the hilo 2652, which i have been holding for 5 years. So its done me good for a long while. But now that my fingers are getting bigger, and im playing more challenging songs, this soprano isn't doing me any good. So right now I am looking for a tenor that i can use also for a long time, and probably use for gigs too, which was why i was looking at the james hill ukulele. I also want another ukulele so i can let someone play my soprano while i make solos, because here in Germany, none of my friends play ukulele.
    Oh if you can, that would be great!
    If you can't its fine. Thank you for trying.

    I'm just wondering how much is it?

    I'm also looking for a tenor, around 300-500. Around that price, what do you think is the best i can get?

    Thank you!
    Hafa Adai Eleo!
    I used to live on Guam but i moved like 2 years ago because of military
    And I was just wondering, what do they have in JB's Ukulele Hut now? Hopefully you know. I am also wondering if they have a James Hill edition ukulele

    sorry for late reply - naw i don't...I want to go there and visit all my fam though! i just dont have that kind of money haha
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