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    Help with chords

    Passion Videos Can anyone help me out with the chords from these two songs? this would help me out a lot! - first song "Well Done" by passion -Second song "Listen" by passion Thanks Family!!!
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    Ed Lapinad and Len Young Ukulele's

    I was wondering if anyone owns or has pictures of an Ed Lapinad and/or Len Young Ukulele's. If so please post them up! I would like to see them!:smileybounce:
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    Kala Travel Size Ukulele

    I was wondering if anyone has taken a look or even tried the Kala travel size ukulele. I have been doing a lot of traveling and I thought this might be a really good Ukulele to invest in! Here is the website for the Travel size Ukulele.
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    Mac Users on here.

    Hey UU Fam, I was just wondering if anyone on her Uses a mac. If so I wanted to know what you thought about the mac-mini. My sisters and I were thinking bout getting one for my parents. Let me know what you guys think.
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    Want to learn guitar

    What is a good starter Guitar?
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    Making a Pick Guard.

    I was wondering if anyone knew the best material to make a pick Guard out of. I was also thinking bout customizing it, and putting my own logo. Any thoughts?:worship:
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    I was thinking since we have a ton of Ukulele masters (Ex. Aldrine, Seeso,and Dom for a short list) I was wondering if we can put up something where it shows all the major and minor scales. I know that we have lessons on them, but sometimes it is just hard to watch them all the time. My thought...
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    Pick Guard?

    Hey UU Family! Where do you think is the best place to get a pick Guard? I have a cutaway body and a full body Ukulele. Thanks Everyone!:rock:
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    Anyone Scuba dive?

    Hey UU Family! I was wondering if anyone here Scuba dives! If so post up some pics or tell me some of your adventures!
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    I"m looking for an IPhone

    Hey all I was wondering if anyone in our UU Family was willing to sale me a 1st generation IPhone.
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    Please Help!

    G#m (G#7 for chorus), C#m, B#m, G#m, F#m, What would these Chords be for a uke? These Chords are for Guitar and I am, for some reason, having a hard time figuring them out.. thanks for the help everyone! :):worship:
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    Open Mic Night on Guam

    Hey all you Guam people there will be an Open mic night at JB's Ukulele hut in Agana shopping center at 6pm. I believe that is when it starts. If it doesn't start at that time then it will start shortly after that. haha So if you all Guam people from UU can make it we would love to see and hear...
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    5 random facts video! Check out everyone!:nana:
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    Lets Trade!!!!!!!!

    Hey everyone I was thinking that it would be awesome to get to know each others cultures better, and what better way to do that than send each other small trinkets like your state/country flags or key chains or whatever you want! Here is a little video post...
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    Velvet Fingertips *Cover*

    Hey all here is my cover on Velvet Fingertips hope you enjoy it! Thanks UU family!