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  • I just got a Rosewood mp3 Tenor for my birthday, and the C string is overwhemingly loud. Any way to turn that sucker down?
    I recieved my T-shirt in the mail yesterday and wanted to say thank you. ;) It fits wonderfully and I love the California Blue license plate. I can't thank you enough!
    Hey Eleuke! Your products are awesome and i can't wiat for it to be available do you have an idea on date?

    or if it'll be on the Eleukeusa website?

    Thanks much Logan
    In case you didn't notice I really LOVE my Eleuke;) I take it everywhere! Last month I strolled & strummed down Hollywood Blvd. People are really shocked by its electric ability and especially its appearance. I have another electric uke I like a lot too but when I gig out I am always asked to play the Eleuke when people see it on stage. Your design is very clever and reminds me of Steve Vai but IMO much cooler because you can hang the Eleuke at more angles. THANK YOU for this JOYOUS instrument:)
    Hi Eleuke Staff !!
    I'm Adrien the guy who made the For the love of god cover.
    First i want to thank you for share two of my videos on your facebook and others .I'm very happy that you like it !!! When i buy my eleuke i order it on internet so i never had one in my hand before mine send to my house . And it's a great surpise for me , my SL-T is awesome !!! i love it.
    My second question is : is it me who win the second Uke ??
    I don't know if it's me or "ukuleleshred" on you tube who play tender surrender . Guys from UU , Youtube or a french forum congrats for the prize but i'm not sure if it's me.
    PS : sorry for my bad englis , I speak like a frenchfrog :)
    I am taking my Eleuke on a flight today from Bangkok to Jakarta. I hope they will let me take it as carry on; however, they may deem it a weapon - you know how that goes.

    THe mp3 feature and the quietness using headphones. I 've used this while getting a foot massage to practice chords. It will be fun to see if I can get some practice in while in economy flight.

    That Uke Rock contest was good fun. Rock is the perfect theme for Eleuke use. I look forward to any Blues and Reggae challenges using Eleuke.

    Do you guys have any backside protection from water. I sweat alot and I get the backside very wet. I'm hoping I don't fry the electronics or short the battery. Are those compartments sealed with a gasket or any water prevention?
    OK, Acousticballyhoo address

    Akekachat Jaipeach
    2351/4 Chareonkrung 91,
    Chareonkrung Road
    Yannawa, Bangkok
    Thailand 10120

    Thank you very much For T Shirts ^^
    PS. Charcoal - XL for me
    I Will as soon as it get here :p

    Shipping is the worst part of buying anything online Dx
    Bought An eleuke from a friend, Cant wait for it to arrive! Its my first uke :D!!!
    Have to type fast as my fingers start to seize if I put my Eleuke down for too long. Best uke I've ever touched. I am all about perfect intonation, and my Eleuke delivers on every string, every fret, (after I reversed the compensated bridge that was installed backwards, that is! Better get on those QC guys!). Thanks for a great uke experience. Gotta strum... Bye...
    AWESOME CONTEST!!! I wish I could enter ;)! I worked all night on listing my stock and lost it... ugh... back to the drawing board today! Ha!
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