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    UAS is irrational

    This also is my reality. What's great after finally discovering "the one(s)" is that all the pressure is off; each additional member of the collection is something that enhances my overall enjoyment of playing music.
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    Which renowned Luthier uses x bracing?

    Same here. The video that Dohle posted conveys how my Kimo sounds next to the the other ukes I have and also enjoy. Fwiw, here is mine:
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    Getting better with age...

    Great post. Same here. What else I find fascinating is what I consider my favorite or "goto" uke; I would think that would be constant but that opinion changes from day to day. Is the reason the humidity, hour of the day, order in which the instrument is played, the particular song or... me?
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    Kamaka Cases

    Funny, I was having exactly this problem tonight. Finally got a strap for my HF-3 and then found myself wondering how folks store their ukes in cases with a strap. And about using a strap (on a tenor) - I wouldn't say it's like night and day, but finally using one on an uke did make me wonder...
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    Cedar/Koa or All Koa

    Seriously - can't go wrong with either - but for variety, I'd go with all koa like the other replies, since you already have a cedar-topped uke.
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    F/s: Mele custom all-koa tenor ukulele

    Price adjustment and bump
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    F/s: Mele custom all-koa tenor ukulele

    A couple more pictures:
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    F/s: Mele custom all-koa tenor ukulele

    F/s: Mele custom all-koa tenor ukulele. The instrument is lightly used and in excellent condition. This is an example of the custom series and is made entirely on the island of Maui. I purchased it brand new earlier last year (i.e. March of 2020) and directly from Mele. The finish is all-gloss...
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    F/S: Koaloha KCM-00MG Mango Concert Ukulele

    F/S: Koaloha KCM-00MG mango concert ukulele. The instrument is used and in excellent condition. I purchased it from Terry Carter “Uke Like The Pros” almost exactly one year ago. All the hype aside, the little uke plays exactly as one would expect an all-mango Koaloha to play! The tone is...
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    Best sounding for the buck laminate tenor uke?

    Asking since I'm thinking of adding something that sounds great (relative to solid wood ukes), is always ready to play and travel with, and yet doesn't break the bank (say under $500, ideally under $350). For this application, I care less about where it's made, and more about how durable and...
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    F/S: Pono RTSH (C) PC tenor ukulele

    FOR SALE: PONO RTSH (C) PC TENOR cedar top and rosewood back/sides ukulele. The instrument is used and in excellent condition. The uke already has two strap buttons installed and is immaculate with exception of a couple superficial and tiny indentations close to the bridge (see pictures)...
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    F/s: Koaloha ktm-25 factory special tenor ukulele

    F/S: KOALOHA KTM-25 FACTORY SPECIAL TENOR UKULELE. The uke is used and in excellent / like-new condition. I am the only owner since purchasing the instrument brand new later last year. This particular example has great looking wood with sapwood down the bottom middle and a little curl here and...
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    FS: aNueNue US200 Soprano Moonbird Ukulele (U.S.)

    For Sale: aNueNue US200 Soprano Moonbird ukulele, which is in excellent condition. With fluorocarbon strings, this uke sounds deliciously fruity and smells kind of sweet like candy. I purchased the instrument brand new last December, played it only occasionally, and kept it in the same great...
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    FS: 2015 Takumi TT-1M Mahogany Tenor Ukulele

    Up for sale is my 2015 Takumi TT-1M tenor ukulele. The instrument is used and in very good-excellent condition. It is made of solid Honduras mahogany (top, back, and sides) and has an all gloss finish. Fretboard and bridge are Indian rosewood. Tuners are Gotoh 4:1 planetary with gold body and...
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    Favorite solid wood ukes made of classical guitar tone woods?

    As a spinoff of another thread, I'm interested in getting folks' opinions on their favorite or more highly regarded ukuleles made of classical guitar tonewoods. I'm sort of / sort of not (well, yes) shopping for a tenor sized uke made of a light top wood and warmer dark wood back and sides -...