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  • Wish I could claim the credit on the jack-in-the-box, but dinkadink makes them I just had her make me one to give to deach. I agree though -- they are the coolest thing ever. Someday I would like her to make me one to keep.
    Nuuuhuuh; just a coincidence ! Haha x]

    Yeeah; im currently saving up for one . So far in the "Becky wants to buy a fluke Foundation", i have 2 dollars (= Hahaha

    Oooh and im glad ur enjoying that song! One of my favorites (=
    Hellooo :D

    i was looking through my email and i noticed that *you* left me a comment on youtube about buying a fluke. And i was thinking to myself "wooooah; where have i seen this name before?" So yeeeah.. here you are as on of my recent visitors; HAHA x] Just saying thanks again for your comment :)

    And also; just stopping by to say "Have a Great Day" :D
    Haha yeah!
    Yeah I know, it sounds so different then my Kamaka lol but it's still awesome ^_^
    I'm still unsure about the action problem sry.
    But I can say, the D'Addario Tenor Ukulele Strings do work very well.
    That is prolly a very bias opinion but their the best strings I've ever used lol ;)

    Oh by the way, thanks for the add :]
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