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  • Good to see you back on the UU.
    I got together with the Chicago folk,Seeso etc., for the last couple of months. Put together a couple of cigar box ukes. It's all good.
    I hope life is going well for you. Say hi to Patrice for me.
    just wanted to say..I love that song falling again!!! sigh...you super talented peeps!!!
    Hi Jason,
    I was hoping to meet you at NAMM this year. I heard from one of the UU guys while I was there that you were going to be around? Anyway, I'm opening a new location for my ukulele store on Maui and was hoping you have a cd out now? Let me know as I want to have a really good cd section and certainly want to include one of my favorite up and coming artists

    Hey Jason, I received the discs today. Thanks a lot for going to the trouble and expense. I really appreciate it. Too bad the videos of your solo set and the "super band" version of The Weight were all so short. If you don't mind, I'd like to post some of the videos on YouTube. Mainly the ones of The Barnkickers and you and I jamming with Caroline Dutton.
    Hey Jason. I'd love to see those pics and videos when you have time. I'll keep watching for your videos and keep in touch with you here until the next ukulele luau (sort of like summer camp). Good luck on all of your gigs and knock them dead at the Ben Blossom Blues Festival.
    Yeah, John invited me to play at the Bean. Nothings been confirmed but if I have the opportunity to play at the Bean I'll definitely be there! Thanks for your interest and support!

    Jason, I just heard a rumor that you're going to be at the Bean Blossom Blues Fest. Is that true? I can't wait! The video of you at the Ukulele Luau is amazing!!!

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