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  • I bought a kit from a two man operation going by the name of Fine Line Automation. The kit I bought is 2' x 4' with 6" z, lead screws for the y and z and dual drive rack and pinion on the x. If I can assemble it correctly (has me nervous), I expect to use it to make radius dishes, bridges, rough in necks, cut soundboards to shape as well as cut the rosette channel and the sound hole. How bout a yin-yang sound hole? I hope to draw up my own uke side bender designs and cut and drill the parts with the cnc. I want to make the stuff so I can use it, and so I can sell a few, and recoup the cost of the machine. I also want to get into 3D relief carving, eventually to add it to my ukes (maybe an upper bout with celtic knots, etc.). Oh, and inlay. Hope to make kick ass inlay with it.

    Thanks for asking. Do you have any cnc experience, perchance? ;)

    Well, just found out mine has been delayed 'due to a late plane'. So, tomorrow.
    So, your's is all good?
    Have noticed that about strings. Guess that's what they mean by "settling in".
    I'm jealous.
    I just figured something out. New strings have got too much stretch to properly drive the top. I've been playing and retuning since I took the new tenor out of the box. It just keeps getting better. A couple more days getting these strings stretched out and it's going to be super nice. Enjoy yours.

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