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  • It's in me head at the moment mate. See you on Monday. It is a piece of wee wee though. Lots of twiddlies for the solos and alternative chords mmm!
    Ha! Good question....I was hoping to get a few folks together to maybe work on some lick's & whatnot....I keep meaning to recruit some people.....just been really busy with work.....Ive been working on Soldiers Joy for the past few days....What is your latest tune?
    I'd also like to wait if possible to see what happens at the auditions for bgt. It could perhaps provide leverage

    Oh and grumpy old man is right about Peppers. See you at the wedding
    Well, it is definitely MONO and from doing a bit of searching turns out to be a Second Pressing from 1967.

    I found this which may interest you:
    "The only real version of Sgt. Pepper is the mono version," says former Beatles sound engineer Richard Lush. "There are all sorts of things on the mono, little effects here and there, which the stereo didn't have."
    Because stereo wasn't as commonplace in the 60's, the mono mixes were always given top priority. That meant in this case the mono mixing was done with much love and care, with the Beatles in attendance, whereas the stereo mixes were made in just a few hours afterwards by Producer George Martin alone. Of course, stereo was soon to take over and this meant that this original mono mix with all its subtle differences (like, for example, She's Leaving Home played at the right speed rather than slowed down as it is on the stereo) was soon deleted.

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