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    Is music your vocation/ career?

    My day job is teaching voice and ukulele lessons. Up until covid, I was also leading a small ukulele ensemble and conducting a choir. I am a professional singer, too, mostly in classical and experimental music. Have undergraduate and graduate degrees in vocal performance. Only started...
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    2022 Los Angeles International Ukulele Festival

    Mitch, The festival was so much fun, and I am sad that I have to wait another whole year before the next one. This was my second time, 2019 being the first. I love the workshops where I get to have my ukulele in hand and learn and play. I attended John Atkins, Abe Lagrimas, and Neal Chin's...
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    2022 Los Angeles International Ukulele Festival

    I have my ticket! Now I need to decide which ukulele to bring.
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    2022 Los Angeles International Ukulele Festival

    I've been eagerly awaiting this since the last one in 2019. I'll be there!
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    At what age did you get your first uke?

    39! I'm soon to turn 44 and I have 5 ukuleles now, so that averages 1 uku per year. Background: started voice lessons at 15 or 16, went on to get a Bachelor's and Master's degree in classical vocal performance. Professional singer and busy teacher. Picked up ukulele on a whim in 2017...
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    Oasis humidifier

    Hi! I am going to respond to my own reply above since some folks might end up on this thread looking for information on Oasis humidifiers. I checked on my two humidifiers again and, like before, the blue one had shriveled while the khaki one stayed nice and plump. Looking inside, I could see...
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    Oasis humidifier

    Has anyone used the Ukulele Plus+ humidifier for humidification in extremely dry conditions? I have both that one and the original blue one, and the Plus+ doesn't shrink :/ I've swapped the two to check if it was the ukulele and case conditions causing the blue to shrink, but not the other...
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    Buying From Sweetwater

    They are great. I bought a discounted floor display Gator Journeyman ukulele case from them. Emailed to ask if the key and strap were included, and they replied yes very quickly. The case was pristine! I've also bought tuners from them, which arrived quickly. Candy and a sticker included.
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    Which to choose? Why?

    I vote for the vintage model! I love that body shape, the fretboard, all that vintage koa, black nut and saddle, the wood itself, and the satin finish. This is purely my personal preference, of course. They are both beautiful and they were both grandma's - it's so lovely that you can learn on...
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    Which strings have worked for you on the Kiwaya KS-5 ?

    Hi! I have Fremont Blacks (Hard) on my KS-5 and I think they're great. Not floppy, holding in tune, and bright clear sound. My KS-5 originally came new with unknown clear strings that kept going mercilessly sharp, and I was so happy when I finally switched out the strings.
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    Restringing Bird Bridge Ukulele

    I have an Aklot concert mahogany and it's original strings were tied individually. It also holds its tuning incredibly well and is very easy to play.