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    Audio interface & Ubass

    Hi I bought a Korg M2 audio interface and wonder what's the best way to connect my Kala Arcacia bass . It's the old model without preamp. Should I use jack to XLR or jack to jack (instrument) for the best audio quality? I have a DI box and a Behringer ADI 21 too. Thanks
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    Kala UBASS,Solid Acacia vs. new models?

    I've been offered an "old" model Kaka acacia ubass, with passiv pickup. I don't have the opportunity to try it first. How is the sound compared with the new models wih active pick-ups? Is the quality as good as the new models? I plan to fit Kala flatwound Gallistringson on it, will this work...
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    Ukulele Toolkit gone from app store?

    I just noticed that Ukulele Toolkit disappeared from appstore. It’s still on my iPad pro and working, but now I can’t get it installed on my iphone. Can someone outside Denmark please check if it’s available in your region?
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    Ohana vs Mainland

    I had a mainland red cedar tenor that was very similar to my Ohana TK 35G.
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    Books for trade

    Kiyoshi Kobayashi: Ukulele Bossa Nova & Ukulele Sweet jazz both with CD. I'm interested in jazz books or fingerpicking/clawhammer stuff e.g.Ukulele Swing Jazz with CD, by Takashi Nakamura.
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    What's up with the Martin C1K?

    Here’s the one I had, very pretty, but the sound did not impress me. Mine looks like it had rosewood fretboard and bridge?
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    Vintage Luna Ukulele--history, details? etc?

    I have a Tokyo Luna model 400. It’s a good little soprano �� (For trade to a concert or longneck soprano, my hands are to big for soprano size)
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    aNueNue Light Bird Tenor - exclusive to World Of Ukes - REVIEW

    I just got my aNueNue Light Bird Tenor from World of Ukes this morning :-) and I'm very impressed. Neck width at the nut is 36mm and it comes with a slightly radiused fretboard. I can't put it down. String spacing is the the same as my Kanilea K1 tenor, so the distance to edge of the G and A...
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    side markers

    I use tooth picks, an awl and some super glue. Works like a charm.
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    Uke Storage - Hanging?

    A suitable wood molding and wood pole will do the job: The climate in here (Denmark) is not a problem for solid wood ukes. I always play my ukes in turns :-)
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    Found bridge pins for my Kanile'a

    I’ve finally found nice bridge pins for my kanilea k1 tenor (2016) that fits without the need of sanding. Graphtech GT PP 2000. Btw. They don’t fit on my 2011 concert K1 (bigger holes) but maybe the “traditional style” will. I like them;)...
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    NUD: Koaloha KCM-00

    I just bought this fantastic sounding concert. It's from april 2017 and I bought it used. I've read about the “Better than the Weather Warranty", can anyone explain what this mean? Is it valid even if I bought it used and don't have the original receipt? It came with Gotoh UPT tuners installed...
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    Info about uke, please

    I've never seen this ukulele/bridge style before. Does anyone know the brand?
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    almost perfect intonation on Super concert Koaloha ukulele

    You could try to make a saddle with a shelf, it's not as hard as it looks: