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  • Hafa Adai!

    Our shipments of Kala's came in and they are looking and sounding nice! But if you are going to do some stage gig's I would not recommend the Kala pick-ups for gigs. But just let me know what you think.
    Hey Ryan,
    Our shipment came in and the ukulele's aren't anything you are looking for. I believe we have one more shipment coming in, in about a week.

    I don't know to much about pick-ups (still learning) but I do know that if you want to gig Shadow pick-ups are not the way to go.
    Yo Ryan,
    You know I don't know to much about those pick-ups but I will do my research and look at our Ukulele's to see what kinda pick-ups we do have.

    Those are excellent questions!

    We should be getting our shipment of Ukuleles, according to Jeff, within the next 6 to 7 days. I have a mahogany wood tenor and the cost was about $250, it is a Kala, but honestly it is all about preference when choosing an ukulele.

    Now for being able to tell if it is laminate or like Koa wood. You really can't because the laminate was made to look like Koa wood or something else, but if you are welling to wait for like a week I can update you on the products.

    If you are looking for something quicker then I could direct you to Kala Ukulele. We do carry them here and they have a warehouse in the United States. Just go to google.com and type in Kala Ukuleles. If you are willing to wait a few days I already told JB and he said that we could send some pictures to you VIA e-mail.

    Eleo Casil
    Ryan, I made a mistake on the price. I said our Sun Concert is $500 but it is over $1000. My Recommendation is to turn to maybe a Kala or a Leolani. If you want it from JB's then we just put in our orders. We should be getting in affordable tenors well within your budget. Those two brands are great brands.

    Are you looking for one with a pick-up? If you don't mind getting it from other places I can direct you to some place else no problem, but if you do want it from JB's you just have to pay the Shipping along side the tag price. Just let me know Che'lu.

    Is that your budget or are you willing to go a little higher than $500?

    Because if you know that you are going be playing the Ukulele a lot it is a great idea to get one that you really like, cause it can be a one time buy for the rest of your life.

    But as far as $500 ukulele's the only one I can think of right now is not a tenor but our GString Sun Concert Ukulele. It is really nice, but I will double check and I'll message you back once I get to work today.
    Hafa Adai!

    Actually I work at JB's Ukulele Hut. We do have a model that looks like the James Hill ukulele, it is one of signature series Ukuleles. I can post up a picture, if my boss allows me, up for you.
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