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    Happy birthday Carrie. Hope it's an awesome day for you buddy. :)
    I know...Joey has me thinking!!! I really liked her rosewood uke and the fact that it can be played quietly or plugged in is the best of both worlds!
    Aloha Fitncrafty......woooooo hoooooo.......2000 posts!! WTG!!!!
    Congratulations!!! :cheers: :shaka:
    Aloha Fitncrafty..
    Wowee ....Congratualtions...holy smokes...over 2000 posts eh....:):shaka::music::smileybounce:
    The cruise was great. Had a fun time. Will be posting more for sure. Been so busy getting settled. That and our car blew a rod and needs a completely new motor. Just can't quite catch a break yet. :/
    Both Brett and I took voice lessons from our friend Sam who owns Sam Whitehouse Music in Saratoga. This photo was taken at her graduation party last month at Gaffney's in Saratoga. I started out with the voice lessons, then wanted to learn to play an instrument to accompany myself and that's why I picked the Ukulele :) Right now I only have two songs that I can play and sing at the same time: "You and I" by Ingrid Michaelson and "Sentimental Heart" by She & Him (Zooey Deschanel's band)
    Hi! My girlfriend, Amanda met you at the Electric City Ukulele club last night. She is on UU as ajl1924 and I am UkeNGuitar. Just wanted to say a friendly hello. :) Brett
    OMG - they were so happy! The little one got her "rocker strut" on and the older one already knew a few chords from her Mom, was so excited to try out a new piece of sheet music. Their Mom (my daughter) was happy to get her Concert back - LOL. Was a magical, musical moment indeed. Thanks for asking :)

    Thanks so much for the smiles! These sweet lil' girls love music and singing (AND the Beatles)! It's all good...
    I'm a navy veteran from Enduring Freedom, OIF I and OIF II, I got out as an IS2 after four years. Almost made IS1. I am stationed at Ft. Lewis, as a contractor. :) You?
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