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    hey Carrie! Love your new profile pic! Blessings buddy. :)
    She had 7 days of fever and flu-B. JOY JOY. She looks a ton better, so back to school for her. She's definitely not overjoyed about that part and all the homework. It's just WRONG to send a kindergartener home with homework. :(
    I haven't practiced in over a week (my daughter was very sick this past week), but I plan on jammin' this week on the Eleuke. I'm so happy you're loving yours, not that I had any doubt about that!
    Hey Carrie, In case you were not aware, Jake is playing in Albany at The Egg on July 8th. Saw it on his web site!
    Yes! August 8th, to be exact, a little used $20 Lanakai came in the mail and I loved it! This is the first stringed instrument ever, and I am self taught so the progress is slow. I figure it is not a race and as long as I am having fun, which I am.
    Hello Fitncrafty! I enjoy reading your post. I think we joined about the same time. I love your avatar.
    They are all more than welcome, Carrie.

    At least one song in the book has a bunch of numbers written over each note... I was transcribing the song to use the music chips in a Commodore 64 computer! So they can disregard those things. (g)
    Please let the family know that they can hang onto the books as long as they need them, or until they finish copying the songs that they really, really want to keep. Since I haven't really used the books for ten or so years, they should have plenty of time.

    (Should I tell them about the song books printed in the early 1920s that I originally used when learning guitar?)

    For your daughter: Eleanor Rigby and Fool On The Hill are good choices - Eleanor was originally scored for strings, and Fool has a wonderful recorder part.

    There are also some songs that use the I/IV/V pattern, which would be fine for ukulele... Speaking of which, did your copy of The Daily Ukulele show up yet?

    Yes! I even bought a handicam to record last week. I bought one and returned it as auto focus kept zooming in and out. Got that squared away. The items came in early today and I recorded it. I won't post it though. You'd see tge look of disappoint. Looking at the front of the uke I felt a crack on the back instantly. There are 2 long cracks on the back and the fretboard has another crack about on inch. Sending back today and getting a new one overnighted. Should be here wednesday. Boo
    I think so. Just facebooked you as my email is still acting up on my phone and I want to throw it threw the wall. Ha ha. I know... I am so violent to electronics.
    Hey, Carrie.

    I'll bring those Beatles books for your son to check out next Monday, assuming I don't get scheduled to work, as well as the Daily Ukulele for you to check out, and decide if you want to go for it.

    Also, I got some of the water crystal things, and made some humidifiers - they seem to work a bit. I'd be happy to give you one or two (Free!) if you'd like, because I misjudged how much water they hold and made too much. (I tried to make a couple of large pill bottle size, and ended up making two quarts!)

    See you next week!

    Ahhh yes... taxes. I'm putting it off until the last moment (a yearly tradition). Hopefully they'll come soon for you so you can "acquire" the lovely Eleuke. I worked an extra shift for mine... hard work paid off :)
    Aloha Carrie,
    Congrats on your 1000th go girl!!!:shaka::worship::smileybounce:
    Your Friend, MM Stan
    I am, indeed - although I pulled the Cordoba out yesterday, so as not to play favorites. (g)

    I'm also putting a lot of 3 and 4-chord songs together - funny how I couldn't remember them at the Uke night, when I play them all the time....

    You know, I kinda chickened out! Hahaha! Being a dealer I see a lot of ukes come in and out. And although I love the looks of that one and it has a pleasent mellow sound... I am more of a cedar or Spruce gal myself. So I am going to hold off and decide later (I have 2 of the same uke that I preferred). I had decided on the Soprano Mahogany, but I have uke commitment issue in fear that I will fall in love with something in the next shipment! Haha! I seriously was like I AM KEEPING THIS ONE! And the next day I just couldn't do it!
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