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    Miss D is six on Thursday next week :D I'm so excited to see her face when she realises she has her very own Ukulele! I'm gonna swap the strings out for her and tune them while she's at school. If her Mum says it's okay I may post a photo of her with it :D

    Stan and I are working on a song about pain to the tune of Imagine, just gotta iron out the rough parts...other than that, just learning the songs in my sig, the one for the contest is being recorded tomorrow :D I might even let Miss D hold Astrid while I play Lilo/Rhea (haven't decided which one to use!)

    I just realised I wrote all about where you could read about my books, but never gave you my website, it's :D

    I never did get round to answering about my books, one of them has been published and the second has been with my PR agent for about three years but he swears they'll both be published before Christmas (which is what he said last year, so I'm not holding my breath!) The first one is called "Blackout" and you can read about it and the second one, which is the first in the series (I have a contract for ten books, and five of which are part of that series, five standalones, I've just started books nine and ten and plan to write more than ten total, maybe some more in the series) called the "Dying Thoughts" series, basically, they're crime teen.

    How's you today? How's your school work going? I did double work this week so I can take Half term off when Miss D is home! A week to work on Uke playing :D
    Can't imagine having a blog. I wouldn't get anything done. I already spend so much time on this. I'm still learning how to use this site. I finally figured out how to get those two pictures up, but somehow failed several attempts to do it again. Computers really do confound me. And I need to spend more time playing uke and piano. Just spent couple of days bead weaving and making a viking knit bracelet using some of my PMC beads and a riveted copper picture pendant I made. My three pups are feeling neglected. Have too many hobbies.
    What are your books about? Are they published in paper or ebook? I have a teen a preteen and a I think I am a teen.. they love to read!
    I write books, am working on books nine and ten, they're teen fiction and I really enjoy writing them, but really only have time during the summer when I'm off school.

    I love Boot Camp, it's a great resource, have learnt so many chords and a whole new way to learn songs, found it to be really really useful! You are improving, but noone is perfect at it, everyone is still learning...
    Have you tried Boot Camp? I used his method to get the chords right for You've Got A Friend In Me, there's ONE chord I still have to stop and look at, but the rest is damn near perfect, if I do say so myself!

    I'm sure going to a group and playing with others will help both your skill and your self confidence and you're taking lessons so you'll get better in no time! I have a book with all the chords in one section, songs I'm learning in another and space in the back for something else - not sure what yet, but I'm sure my folder of print outs for songs will get tatty and one day I'll transfer those into my book too. I have problems writing with my hands because of muscle cramps so I'll have to do it one at a time over a number of days...
    Hi, I'm doing okay, I have a concert tonight so I've doped myself up on painkillers and am plugging along on Lilo to get some practise in. I'm sure you don't stink, it just sounds different to your ears than someone else listening, I know I've gotten better thanks to other people *saying* I've gotten better through my videos...

    Yay on finishing the paper! It's back to uni work on Monday, I usually only work a couple of hours in the morning Mon Tues, and then use the rest of the week to write any essays and play Uke, come Feb when I'm doing my two courses, that'll change and there'll be less time for Uke playing, but at least I'll have the whole of summer to write my books and play some more!
    Hi, How are you today? I enjoyed our chat yesterday and wondered if you'd like to talk again? How did the paper go? All done? Well, hope you're having a good day!
    No, lots of people ask me about that. I really am challenged by computer stuff and a website seems like an overwhelming task. I do have a few pictures but they weren't taken under best conditions. Do you also lampwork and work with PMC?
    I did "An Introduction to Health and Social Care" last year and really enjoyed that, not sure where I'll go with the degree as I'm not allowed to work for health reasons, but it seems better than sitting around all day and doing nothing, so I write my books, I play my Ukes and I study, fills the day up at least. I'm glad we've met too, it's always nice to have friends who have stuff in common with you!
    I'm studying "Working For Health" and "Death & Dying" this year, second year of a four year degree course for a BA/BSc in Health and Social Care with Honours. The D&D course hasn't started yet, so my first essay was for WFH, which was pretty easy, but it was supposed to be! I have many health problems and things that are out of my control, but I try to keep a positive attitude and surround myself with things and people that matter to me, like playing the Uke, and living with my best friend and her daughter...and stuff like that!
    Yeah, it was the tattoo one! I so want it!!! Good Luck with practise and your paper...I just wrote one on what "health" means to me, which is hilarious considering my current health status!
    Hi! I'm doing better than I was and Lilo's strings are settling, but I saw a pineapple Luna on eBay for £62 and I WANT it! But can't now until after Christmas! And I asked my parents and they said "You have two, why would you need another?!?" *sigh* They don't understand UAS! How's you?
    Thanks for adding the request. The ball I am playing with is an acrylic ball that is two and a half inches. I saw that ball thing on tv a few weeks ago, but I think they are differant. I have been contact juggling for about ten years. It is really relaxing. The basic moves are called a butterfly and windshield wiper. If you have patients it takes about a week to get the hang of it. I am not really a small guy and people are suprized by my cat like reflexes due to contact juggling. is a cool place to check out.
    Thanks! I did the clarinet in elementary school, too! I was terrible, I'm hoping to have better luck with ukuleles! Good luck to you too. <3
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