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    What's the best all carbon/ fiberglass uke?

    Looking for a bomb-proof travel uke. The KLOS stands out. Anyone there with experience with any of them?
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    Musical U- anyone used it?

    Looking at an ad for Musical U- a 6 week online course for learning music basics in a different way. Not quite sure what way. Offers lots of extras and only $49 now. Anyone familiar with it?
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    Simple 1 Mic setup. What?

    I want a basic setup. Don't want to plug in my uke. One mic for uke and voice. Battery/AC powered amp/speaker. Suggestions?
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    NUD: Beau Hannam 19" Selmer Grand Tenor

    OK. NUD for me. Found it on UKULELE FRIEND. It is gorgeous beyond my words. I'll try though: it is beautiful beyond real. It has a sound so so good I do not want to put it down. Sustain forever. The action is easy and light. I really am stunned. I will defer to the UKULELE FRIEND...
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    Looking for a chart showing sheet music realtive to fretboard.

    I want to pick melody from sheet music...need to transpose to the uke fretboard. Where can I find a chart showing this for a low G (GCEA) uke? Thanks.
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    Need help with "Train Leaves here.." by the Eagles and "Sweet Pea" by Amos Lee.

    Need help with "Train Leaves here.." by the Eagles and "Sweet Pea" by Amos Lee. The chords suggested on Ultimate Guitar don't sound right...not like the originals. Help. Thanks.
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    What happened to the Bad Boys here?

    Used to be some posters who really stirred things up. Regularly got booted for a "time out" by the moderator. I miss those guys. Humor and irreverence are essential for maintaining my interest in this forum. I'll kick it off: Players who only pick melodies and such but don"t sing are wimps. Real...
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    iSolo wireless mic...opinions

    I've searched for a thread on this but haven't found one. They look good for what I want: no installation and decent sound. Opinions? experience?
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    Holding the OASIS humidifier in place?

    I've found the OASIS to be the most effective uke humidifier however it often comes loose from the strings and falls into the body of the uke when I carry the uke in its case. Anyone solved this problem?
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    It's on! New auction for a Moore Bettah....for a wonderful cause
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    iRig Acoustic Stage ...with what portable amp?

    I am totally non amp/sound/ electronic savy. Totally. All I want to do is add the iRig Stage and plug it into a portable amp. I would like that amp to also be able to plug into power and have an input for a mic. Suggestions welcomed. Thanks.
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    New Bettah auction. The fun begins.

    I always enjoy watching these from way back on the sidelines. Kind of fascinating to watch the bidding strategies....or I suppose they're strategies. Jumping right to $12,000 seems to indicate some plan like scaring off the small fry...
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    Moore Bettah being auctioned..gotta see this!

    Already up to $13,000 and still 2 days to go.
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    Anyone tried the TASCAM DP-008EX or DP-006?

    They look interesting. The 006 is much smaller and since they are advertised as "song writing sketch pads" seems the smaller would work just as well?
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    Another Moore Bettah auction. ends today

    Already beyond $9,000. Wheeeee.