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    Best To All!

    My brother was named after Stan Muscial.
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    Best To All!

    Merry Christmas to you. By the way, love the Cardinals hat. I have been a fan since the 1940's.
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    Own a jazz hat music ukulele?

    Hey Riprock, when you ready to get rid of that baritone let me know. If I remember correctly you are in central Iniana like me.
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    Uke Spotting in NCIS Hawaii

    I saw that too but could not catch the brand. I am in my 70's and have old eyes.
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    Ukulele Magazine

    Has anyone received their winter issue of Ukulele Magazine. As I recall it normally shows up around the end of October.
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    youtube problem

    I was going to watch a video by choirguy on youtube. The screen comes up but I just get the spool thing in the center and nothing happens. Is anyone else having problems like this with youtube?
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    hearing aids

    I wear hearing aids, and there are probably some other old guys here that do the same. I have some new aids and they help with lots of things, the telephone, the TV, hearing a high pitched voice, but when I play my uke it can sound a little tinny. If I take out my hearing aids it sounds much...
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    Aquila on Outdoor Uke

    Has anyone used Aquila nylguts on an Outdoor carbon soprano? If so, how did you like the sound?
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    6 string Kamaka

    On Hawaii 5-0 last night the character Flippa was playing a Kamaka that had 6 strings. Could someone tell me how those are usually tuned?
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    Has anyone seen or played one of the fiberglass Turtulele ukes that Amazon has on their site. It appears they are made in the Phillipines.
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    Ukulele World Congress pictures

    I go to UWC every year but could not attend this year because I just had surgery. Does anyone have pictures they could post so that I could get a glimpse? I do not have Facebook. Thanks.
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    workshop in Indianapolis

    Is anyone here going to the Play Ukulele by Ear workshop on Sat 04/18 in Indianapolis.
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    compensated saddle on Enya

    I was changing the strings on an Enya EUR X1 camp uke. The compensated saddle came out of its slot in the bridge. On the G and A strings should the compensation slant toward the nut or the other direction? Need some help.
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    First Act Uke

    While walking through Walmart you start thinking about those $10 ukes on Black Friday. I have a 3 year old grandson that would think a uke with Paw Patrol on it would be the Holy Grail. But what are those strings. You could replace them with some Worth Browns. However that would be like a new...
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    Old Forum

    So when I look at UU to see what is happening, I click on the line that says Old UU Forum. So is there a New UU Forum? Does anyone else think this way?