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  • Nebraska Ukulele Strummers, cook out at Elmwood Park, in Omha July 16th 2011 from about 4pm to 7pm
    Wow that's terrible!! Glad that she is getting better and maybe you will find a few minutes to yourself. Nothing harder on a mom than a sick kid!! Hang in there!
    Thanks, they do come off easy. I had one on my Flea and it came off easy enough, though it did leave some sticky adhesive behind. That came off OK and didn't leave any marks behind.
    Sounds good... awesome to be able to pick up an extra shift.. Can't wait to hear about it! Everyone I know that has one (not necessarily violet) really likes them.
    Hey Thanks for the friend request! I will look forward to sharing about our eleuke experience.. Waiting on tax refund.. (new laws are delaying it) sigh....
    Glad you like the blog, just about to try and add another original song to it, as well as practise some new ones.
    I have been jelous of the folks who meet up and jam together. Seems like missing out on a good time.
    Uke players around Omaha sure seem to be low key. There is a gal "beckstrodinary" in the Omaha area who writes her own stuff and I believe performs around town (as, All young girls are machine guns) I tried to use search engines to see if there are any uke clubs around, saw an old listing for a meet in Bellevue, but I have never tried to go. Uke on cousin.
    I saw that you commented on my You tube video.
    I thought that I would look you up. Hi!
    Besides you needed some visitor posts.
    And more than one friend.
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