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  • Sorry to hear that. Are you back home? Man, hope everything turns out ok for ya. As for me, doing ok . . . for the most part same throughout. Lotsa new faces here and keeping us on our toes. Other than that . . . it's all good. Drop in from time to time and talk story. Malama Pono, Brah!
    hey man! yeah I'm still around, I check the site several times per week, don't post as much though.. busy with uni too ._.
    take it easy dude! keep me updated!
    hey, I'm fine, just too busy in the "real" world to be here more often^^

    I do have a facebook, it's just haileisela
    Hi Fred, Happy Birthday, hau'oli la hanau.

    Will we be seeing you in July for the 40th Annual Ukulele Festival?

    Howie1947 and I are planning an informal get together the Sat before for a potluck picnic of UUers.

    I'm thinking either Ala Moana Beach Park or Kapiolani Park so we can scout out good places for the Festival.

    Malama pono,
    bro, when you diggin' out? we gotta set up the surf session! check the buoys!
    btw, if your lookin for the coolest dreadlock smilies ever, go to and click through their forum a little!
    yessss, I mean that!

    I do it cross wise until I can't get the dread through its root anymore. most of the time it's a little painful because of a few hairs that are under a strong tension, but after the next washing it's fine again. I'm really glad someone showed that technique to me. my dreads wouldn't be as they are otherwise...

    I bet your dreads are gonna be cooler than mine^^
    your decision to make, but new years sounds like a good plan!

    what you did to the roots is slightly different from what I mean though, I did that, too, in the beginning...
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