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    Ukulele gospel playalong app

    We just released our latest app with some gospel tunes. Merry Xmas everybody !
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    How to hold a ukulele

    I wrote an article about how to hold a ukulele. Just my 5 cents. Any comment is appreciated.
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    " It's my party " - instrumental cover on RISA LP

    I played this 60s hit on my electric uke. RIP Lesley Gore.
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    Ukulele Christmas Apps now available for Android

    Uke4u's Christmas Apps can be used on Android devices now. 5 playalong songs in Karaoke style. They can be used as a backing too. Ukulele Christmas And New Year - (Android) Ukulele Christmas Songs - (Android)
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    New Ukulele Tuner App - Free Promo Codes

    We have a new ukulele tuner app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. For more informations and free promo codes pleas click on the link:
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    How to tune a ukulele

    I just postet an article about ukulele tuning on my blog. It includes a video, reference tones and infos about the most common tunings. Hope you like it. Any comment is appreciated.
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    Ukulele App - Now with Picking Trainer

    My App " Learning Ukulele in 7 days " now has an additional picking trainer. You can buy it as an in app purchase for 0,99$ with the Latin Tropicalia song package.
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    Ukulele Robot

    I don't know if this topic was posted before. I found some videos about machines playing ukuleles and other instruments. Here's a link to my blog post:
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    I posted a review about the Lanikai TunaUke on my blog. Just my 5 cent. There were different discussions about the TunaUke system here on uu. Any comment is appreciated.
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    Deep in the heart of Texas

    I just recorded an instrumental with my friend Michael. We had some fun. I wrote an article about this on my blog:
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    La Paloma & Group Impro

    I played at an open stage in a Berlin Bar. For more infos please visit my blog:
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    New Christmas Ukulele App - 50 Free Promo Codes

    The Uke4u-team just released the second Christmas Ukulele app. We're giving away 50 free promo codes on my blog:
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    Luau Louie Tiki

    A gifted tiki carver used a simple strumming from one of my videos for his Youtube video where he showed how a palm trunk becomes a sculpture. I wrote a little post on my blog with the link to my original video:
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    Entering The Open Stage

    Last month I played three instrumentals ( La Colegiala, Wandering Star and an original song ) on my bari at an open stage in Berlin. For more infos please visit my blog:
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    Recording Setup Of 5 Ukulele Bloggers

    I just put together an article, where some friendly ukulele bloggers talk about their recording gear. You also find some infos about the post production ( equalizing etc. ).