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    Paradis City cover

    It's been a long time that I haven't been here!!!! So here's a clip of a cover that we did.... Ukulele, drums and bass... Hope you enjoy and post your comments, it's always cool to hear them.
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    Bizarre Love Triangle-Luis Feu de Mesquita

    Here's a remix of our version of Bizarre Lover Triangle played with a Luis Feu de Mesquita uke!! Hope you enjoy it and comments are always welcome!!
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    Harp+ukulele=nice arpeggios, solo and chords

    Hi guys!!! It's been a while that I didn't post here's a litttle track that I just finished recording this week-end....harp and ukulele can sound quite nice together...!!!! Hope you enjoy and leave me comments.....
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    Star Filante....first Lotus Notes clip

    Hi guys....this is the first video clip that a fan of our music did and post my song on youtube..... The uke arpegios is played on my LFDM uke. Good listening!!!
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    Star Filante on LFDM

    Here's an edit version of a song that I recorded last month...... You will have the chance to hear my singer's beautiful voice and all the arpegiated chords are played mon my LFDM ukulele.... Comments are always welcome..... Good listening and have a nice day...
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    Lady Standby

    Hi I would like to share a little piece that I just finish composing and recording last week end. You will hear a funk guitar as accompainment but I will probably try to replace it by a uke with wah wah pedal to see how it will sound like.... This track is quite funky and groovy and almost like...
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    Funk ukulele?? Is it possible?

    Hi guys!!! I just finish a track with my singer and record it and as you can see, there's a funk guitar that I did on the track. Now, I would like to know if I would like to perform this track in live situation and use a uke instead of a guitar, how can I do to get that kind of sound from a...
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    Falling Star on LFDM ukulele

    Hi guys!!! Here we go once again with another collaboration with my singer and girlfriend Caroline Rioux It's a nice little liece where you casn appreciate her beautiful voice!!! I play a LFDM ukulele on it. Good listening and your...
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    Mlle. Elastique on Luis Feu De Mesquitta ukulele

    Hi guys!!!!! Here's a new original song that I just finish recording last night with my girlfriend who is also my lead singer.... It's an original song that my girlfriend wrote and that I compose the music and's a kind of ukulele-slide guitar-electro-ambiant song...
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    Inspiring Moments

    Here's a new duet piece that I did with my partner Caroline.......She's my lead singer but on that song she's my lead pianist!!! It's quite a downtempo instrumental that I think can be listened quite easily. I add a few uke parts to it but I'm still hestitating to add it to the track since I...
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    Bizarre Love Triangle on Luis Feu de Mesquitta ukue

    Hi guys!!! It's been a while that I didn't take time to play uke or making music.....but recently I get the chance to get in touch with one of my friend who sings very well and I convince her to make a collab with me for the cover of this song. Bizarre Love Triangle by Frente is one of my...
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    Morning Has Broken a la dulci

    Hi guys, it' been a while that I didn't make any clip...but today, I just decide to bring back a little song that I enjoyed a lot when I was young and tried it on my dulci... Good listening! Don't hesitate to comment if you want to. Thanks!
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    what would be your dream concert uke?

    Hi guys! I just want to drop by to have a few ideas from members here. After playing with mostly with tenors for a while, I might want to go back and play with a concert. I've owned so many custom tenors that now, I'm looking for ideas for a new concert custom. So, maybe if you have any ideas...
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    My uke, my Asbory Bass, slide lap steel and Ipad= perfect portable studio?

    Hi guys!! I just want to drop by to see how many of you do use your Ipad as a mini portable studio? Normally, I'm more a uke solist beacuse I always found working with a computer to make track was just insane for my head......until I discovered how record myself on my for the first...
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    My new baby...this thing is so cool!

    Hi guys, I'm just dropping by to show you my new little baby...... Ohhhh, I forgot, this is not an uke!!! I'm just so used to share with forums members all my collection of ukes, guitarleles, that I consider this one as just an extension as my UAS!!!! heeheh!!! So, it's a mountain...