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    WTB ~ Electric Baritone Uke or Tenor Guitar

    Since you asked about an electric tenor guitar, you might look into an Eastwood (new or used). Their site doesn’t show any in stock at the moment. Scale length of 23”.
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    Steel Ukulele Strings

    Yikes! I hope you’re not talking about trying steel strings on an acoustic ’ukulele. That could lead to disaster. The OP has a solid body electric with a magnetic pickup. All of the suggestions here are for that type of instrument. Your steel string acoustic guitars are constructed to handle...
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    Hi from Madrid

    Welcome to Ukulele Underground, Emma! I enjoy the Lava Birds videos on YouTube.
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    Comprehensive Ukulele Method for intermediate?

    Another vote for the Bob Brozman DVDs.
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    Tinguitar Electric Ukulele / Piccolo Bass

    I’d love to hear some pieces played on your bass. I imagine it sounds a bit like the Kamoa E3E.
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    Steel Ukulele Strings

    Yes, you can use electric guitar strings. It’s fun to experiment with gauges to see which feel best to your fingers. Try playing scales in the middle of the neck until your fingers adjust. You can also use the thickest strings from a 7-string guitar set to get baritone tuning on your tenor...
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    Old Hilo, “Music is what feelings sound like”

    This archived posting from Reverb show a similar brass plate on the headstock, and a made in japan label in the sound hole.
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    Old Hilo, “Music is what feelings sound like”

    My aunt gave me an old Hilo ‘ukulele. There is no label (front or back), but the brass logo on the headstock makes me wonder whether this could have been made in Japan. I can’t tell whether the phrase on the soundboard was added by some other owner along the way, or if it came this way from...
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    'Ukuleles featured in commercials

    I detect a drastic increase in commercials which use an ‘ukulele in their soundtrack. Most such commercials don’t show the ‘ukulele, but you can recognize the distinctive sound. This commercial features an ‘ukulele which looks to me like a Mainland model. The name has been carefully removed...
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    CNC sculpting machine Something like this should be able to at least rough-in an archtop soundboard, after which a luthier could tap for tone and use a scraper to adjust the result. Perhaps that day is already here. Pardon me if you've already posted about such a contraption.
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    Making sense of strap button placements that impede playing up the neck

    I use one of these around the headstock, and button the strap to that.
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    19” scale Epiphone Roadie

    I just picked up one of these from Craigslist. It’s a guitar called the Epi Roadie. It is a solid body with steel strings, a single humbucker pickup, a radiused fingerboard and a 19” scale. Recommended tuning is G-C-F-A#-D-G, but I plan to experiment with different string diameters to see what’s...
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    6-String Guitar store in Camarillo CA

    Has anyone here done business with a company named 6-String Guitar in Camarillo? Yelp has favorable reviews for their guitar lessons, but I can't find anything about the store itself. Not successful searching either. Maybe one of you knows more?
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    1910's Grinnell Bros-Nunes 'ukulele on Craigslist in Nashville TN

    Not sure whether this goes here or in the Marketplace. It's not my 'uke, I just spotted the Craigslist ad and thought it might be interesting to someone here. Mods, if this should be in the Marketplace, please move. Thank you.
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    Roosebeck hybrid ukes - Balalaika uke, lute-kulele, baroq-ulele

    If I were ordering a baroque-ulele, I would want the wooden tuning pegs. A "throwback to the 15th century" is what these instruments are all about. I think it makes them look right. I've also read that they are quiet and difficult to hold. You might decide to simply hang it on your wall, so what...