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    KoAloha ʻUkulele | PBS Hawaiʻi Home is Here Episode 101, Aug 28, 2022

    If you click the thumbnail where it says "Watch on YouTube", it will open in a YouTube page. Beneath the video are comments from the person who posted the video saying "From Home is Here Episode 101" and the URL will take you to the PBS station's page.
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    New Pono Nui Big Baritone low GCEA tuning issues

    Many people find that they are comfortable fretting a concert, but that they are uncomfortable fretting a tenor. In other words, they have to press harder to fret a tenor, and they perceive that the tenor strings are at a higher tension. There’s actually a better word for this than tension, but...
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    New Pono Nui Big Baritone low GCEA tuning issues

    I did not mean nut. I’ve not heard of compensating a nut, but I suppose the inclined slots you describe are a form of that. They provide a precise location for the beginning of the measure of the scale length. I did mean to say saddle instead of bridge. Sorry for the confusion. In this picture...
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    New Pono Nui Big Baritone low GCEA tuning issues

    I assume that this is how your luthier explained it to you, but I don’t believe him. Bridges are often “compensated” to correct intonation issues and this creates the “knife edge” you’re being cautioned against. When I tune my strings the string often catches at the nut. Several options exist...
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    Hey from Tennessee

    Welcome to Ukulele Underground, BeautifulPotato. I’m in Franklin, TN and there are several ukulele groups around here to choose from and play with.
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    So happy that I swapped the strings on my RISA ST Solid Body Electric Ukulele

    It depends on the pickup. Magnetic pickups work with steel strings. Under-saddle piezo pickups work with nylon/fluorocarbon strings. Search the Web for pictures of a Risa solid-body, and for a Pono solid-body. That should help.
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    GCEA tuned... lower?

    I’m enthusiatic about an octave ‘ukulele, though that really should be a baritone in size. Does your concert have a pickup? If so, look into an octave pedal.
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    Humble Baritronics access denied?

    Are you by any chance omitting the “blog spot” part of the URL? It worked for me just now. Perhaps the owner fixed something.
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    Weissenborn Question

    More internet research confirms that Weissenborn did make ‘ukuleles. Measuring the scale length would help. Check out this thread:
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    Weissenborn Question

    Hers has four strings, but I usually hear them referred to as slide guitars or as lap steels instead of as ’ukuleles. Is there a label in the soundhole that specifies the year of manufacture? Antebellum instruments may have some archival photos which can help identify what you’re looking at. If...
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    Any tips on using Diamond Secure Ukulele String Tie System?

    I’m only using them on instruments with tie bridges. Perhaps I was wrong about bridge type not making a difference.
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    Electric Steel String Uke - Flight Centurion or Flight Pathfinder?

    Check YouTube for videos on dressing frets, or you might decide to pay someone to do that for you.
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    My ukulele goes out of tune

    All of the above is true. Strings naturally stretch, and the amount of playing can have as much an effect as string age. Strings can “lengthen“as knots tighten up or windings around the tuning posts get tighter. Some tuning pegs can be loose and need tightening—or perhaps replacement. If you...
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    Need some guidance with vintage Kamaka

    Did you contact Kamaka?
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    Buying something at Sweetwater? ... and interested in a Cordoba Mini II?

    Must have been a special. The price now shows as $249 for the Padauk, $239 for the Ebony, or $199 for the mahogany. i hope someone here saw your post in time to claim the bargain.