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  • Hey Gaby,
    I saw your store had a mele solid koa tenor on ebay, and it looked really lovely - I think it was $699? Is it the real deal in terms of playability and construction quality?

    Monty :)
    Hey Gaby
    I've been here quite a while in a very quiet way - so time consuming juggling Facebook YouTube etc. My dogs don't like it!
    But the time is right and I've been roaming around the Underground all day - and loving it!
    Hope things are going well after the Festival - it was fantastic!
    Of course there is always stuff to think about in preparation for ... the next one!
    Hi Gaby,thanks for the friends request You guys seem to have a strong uke scene up iin the Queensland north, maybe it's from your input, great stuff. Ross
    Hi Gaby,

    My name is David (Giizer her and on YouTube). I am very new to playing any instrument (started the beginning of Jan this year), but am making very good progress and enjoying it very much. I saw where you had told Manuel about software that would convert Guitar Tabs to Uke Tabs. Would you mind sending me the link??

    ive found gaby will sell the ukes at the same price mgm does but with the added benifit your buying from australia, im waiting to here from gaby so i can order a mele solid koa tenor
    eyy i was just wondering, you sell ooks right?
    how much would you sell a flea? just need to know thanks !
    Hey Gaby, thanks for the friend request. I see your organising the Cairns Uke fest, that would be something very cool to attend !

    Cheers Ron
    So what's up with the uke fest you're planning! I meant it when I said I could help. I'm a graphic designer ( and I have a bit of marketing experience - well I have enthusiasm and a big mouth - I count that as marketing experience...
    Hi Gaby I think the uke world is like Dr Who's Tardis - small on the outside and big on the inside.

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