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    Hey man! I didn't know who this was first, but its Derrick, Hoosier's Kilbilly buddy, right! Awesome to meet you over there! I had the best time and you're a part of it buddy! Are you on facebook? There are a bunch of great pics of you there...

    Robin aka Baron
    Hey dear Derrick, so happy to find you here, the Uke heart is beside me, no problem! I'm very proud, i will find it a very special place, i take my time he he! Sunday night was tip top, sure and i'm very happy to have you as friend and not only on UU... Keep on the good stuff and hope to have good news soon, for example a Gadz 's YT channel?
    kiss from France ;°)
    i suppose if the tickets were priced like most concert tix, they would be bought up and jacked up to hundreds of $$$ by scalpers in no time. this way, only the serious fans will get a hold of the tickets. i was thinking of going but it turns out i have to go out of town for business those two days. booooo.
    yo Derrick! great to see you here. man, it was fun jamming with you guys last weekend. definitely sad to leave brown county. yeah, Neil Young is actually going to be playing in Oakland in July but the ticket prices are outrageous. i think at least $200 straight from the box office. oh well.

    see you next year!
    Go down to the general section, there's a thread called Anko Honu takes the lead, it almost like a slow chat room. You can also leave messages on peoples profile or send them a private message. You really need to get a YouTubee channel up too.
    Derik, what's up? Thanks for finding me on the UU! Great seeing you again over the weekend - hope to see/hear more from you. Be well.
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