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    Taropatch Brands

    Oh keepers of the secrets. I’m still searching for information of the possible maker of my SS STEWART taropatch. I would be grateful.
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    Tenor tuning on a baritone...

    Would guitar tuning be out of the question? I found the tone pleasing enough and I’ve done it both ways, (1-4 and 3-6). Easy transition from guitar but maybe not hard core ukulele masters style. You can chastise me for not being a purist that’s ok. In my ear, a d chord is still a d chord no...
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    Ok. I can’t get any farther ahead with information on my taropatch. I wish the maker had branded their name inside on the neck or tail block. Would have helped out immensely. It fretboard just looks so much like all the Martins I have seen. Haven’t seen one this long though. I’ve prepped a...
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    Humidity questions

    Google afternoon. I’m in Canada. I normally keep all my instruments in their cases. I have recently been keeping my regular player on a stand covered by a beach towel. I can just grab it and have my morning coffee break. But I have to keep it tuned regularly due to weather conditions which can...
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    How young is too young for a first uke?

    8 months I would think sounds about right or even 7 or 6 months. Before birth that is.
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    SS Stewart Taropatch

    Thx. I’ve been to both. One thing I got was info on the blue label not being used until 1940. But, a lot of earlier ukuleles being advertised for sale with blue labels. That would clear up a very murky part of the history.
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    Vintage guru’s

    Also…it has 17 frets but the size is between soprano and concert. Since I am new to this instrument, other than the two I bought for my granddaughters, I thought body sizes would be standard. Guess I need some educating on the subject.
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    Vintage guru’s

    Now I’m not saying it is but….I see the same design fret board curve ending on the body as my Stewart . Another but, I have not seen one that goes into the sound hole…,,yet
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    Vintage guru’s

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    Vintage guru’s

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    Vintage guru’s

    Mandolin cafe was my first foray into finding information about the SS Stewart taropatch. At that time I had tried to register on ukulele underground about 40 times with no success….until I went on internet with my iPad. They gave me a mix of years of origin. (1915 - 1940) and makers. So I’ve...
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    Vintage guru’s

    Should be worth at least ten bucks
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    Vintage guru’s

    Ladies and gentlemen. I’m seeking your undisputed knowledge to the whereabouts of the “all knowing”; the ukulele encyclopedia and master of the word. In a nutshell, I need to find out who can give me information about my SS Stewart taropatch ukulele. If this isn’t the best place for information...
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    long time guitar and uke player

    It’s like drinking water. You can’t go without it. Picking up your instrument, ( mine are basses, guitars and mandolin, soon ukulele) is automatic. Just to feel it in your hands and listen to what it sings to you. Play some chords and then search out others to begin your quest for your perfect...
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    Hi all, from Ontario Canada

    Hi Alexandria. I am in Ontario also. I have the same project in mind but I’m trying to finish up my bass duo. Also I’m trying to get info and start on my SS Stewart taropatch. What wood are you using for your build?