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  • The bases place them more firmly in the Modernist camp. I'm sure you love working in stone, it's obvious, but you might consider using some other materials, more contemporary ones, now and then, to distance yourself from the Modernist framework. While most Inuit sculpture is of carved stone (no bases or pedestals which are part of the works but separate of them, if you know what I mean), you don't want to be accused of copying that work either. Postmodern artists more commonly eschew the materials of "high art."

    In some ways your work reminds me of Bradford Graves' sculpture. He used to show at the gallery that shows my work in Philadelphia. He passed away some years ago. Nevertheless, you might have a look at it sometime.
    Hi Gary:

    Sorry I've been out of touch for a while. I looked at your sculpture. I am drawn to the simple elegance of the forms. They are reminiscent early Modern aesthetic (Arp and Brancusi come to mind) with more than just a touch of an Inuit sensibility. Of them all, I most like the "Abstract" ones. Of course, my tendency for many years has been toward the non-objective, although I don't subscribe to the belief that a work of art can be totally subjective and without some reference to the world outside of it. So, I would naturally prefer the most abstract of your pieces.

    Finding the right representation is going to be most important for you, if that is something in which you are interested. If you play up the "primitive" as opposed to the "Modern" aspects, not in making the work but in talking about it, I think you would fare better, not be seen as anachronistic. These days, virtually anyone who is painting or sculpting has that burden to bear anyway...
    hi Gary
    I successfully made a payment to the first email address you provided in your message. Thanks again mate and all the best, Jon.
    Hey Garyg, you can post a message under "visitor messages" on Eugene Ukes profile page to tell him his pm box is full. He will get it sooner because it will show that he has a new message under notifications at the top right of the screen.
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