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    In search of John Morton Tenor

    Still looking? I may be able to help.
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    WTB Ron Phillips Tenor Resonator Ukulele

    Looking for a Phillips Tenor in very good or excellent condition...Thanks!
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    WTB John Morton Tenor Resonator Ukulele

    Looking for a John Morton Tenor Resonator....Thank you!
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    WTB John Morton Tenor Resonator

    Looking for a tenor only in very good to mint condition. Thanks!
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    FS Donmo Galvo Concert

    Rare beauty for sale. Mint condition. Asking $900 plus shipping. PM please if interested. Thank you!
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    WTT Ono handmade concert for Donmo concert resonator

    Wanting to trade a pristine handmade myrtle Ono concert for a Donmo resonator concert Please PM if interested. Thank you!
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    WTT Cocobolo Soprano for Argapa Concert or Tenor Resonator

    Looking to trade a pristine CBU soprano for an Argapa reso concert or tenor. PM if interested please. Thank you!
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    WTB Donmo Resonator Ukulele

    Looking for a Donmo tenor in excellent condition. Thank you!
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    FS Cocobolo Ukuleles Soprano #005

    As much as I love this exquisite instrument and hate to part with it, my hands and fingers are just not a good match for a Soprano ukulele. PM to me if interested. Asking $575 including Stagg HSC
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    WTB John Morton or RE Phillips Concert or Tenor Ukulele

    Looking for either a concert or tenor model in excellent/mint condition. Thank you!
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    WTB Mya-Moe Resonator Ukulele

    Looking for a non-cutaway tenor in excellent/pristine condition.Thank you!