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    WTB (again!) Koaloha Sceptre

    I posted a couple of months ago that I wanted to buy one. Two people were kind enough to reply but I couldn’t pursue due to a sudden family illness. Happily things are now resolved so I am back in the market looking for one. I live in the UK. Many thanks, in anticipation, Gary
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    WTB Koaloha Sceptre

    I would Love to add one of these to my collection but realise it’s a long shot! Thank you! Gary
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    Ukulele Acquisition Syndrome - how many do you own?

    During one of his gigs James Hill said that he suffers from Ukulele Acquisition Syndrome. My significant other confirms that I have it which I refute bitterly :-). We are off to a Uke festival this coming weekend in Yeovil, UK and she asked me which of my 8 instruments I’d be taking. She...
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    New Koaloha sound

    Hi I am a newcomer to the forum and this is my first post. I have two Koaloha ukes bought secondhand, both solid Koa, one a Soprano and the other a tenor strung low G. They both have a warm sound that I love. I recently bought a concert solid koa Pineapple Sunday (which looks beautiful) to...
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    Hello from Wales, UK

    Been playing for 2 months and love it so much!