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    Moore Bettah Auction

    Haha. Ok. I guess I was remembering cheap gas too. How about the over under line set at $18,000!
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    Moore Bettah Auction

    over under on the final price? I’m thinking of setting the line at $8,500? Other thoughts
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    Clara or Flea Travels and Durability

    Wish me luck! Mahalo all!
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    Clara or Flea Travels and Durability

    so, if I'm reading the room correctly, the top choices are: 1) take the flea or 2) bring a chromatic tuner and buy a cheapie somewhere... looks like no one is in favor of the clara. It is a little nicer flea in that it has the wood fretboard and peghead tuners, but this is the one I leave...
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    Clara or Flea Travels and Durability

    I'm not really worried about humidity. Rather, I'm curious about people's experiences traveling (and flying) with a loose uke, not in a gig bag or hard case, but just in a backpack. I'm traveling with my family and they bring a lot of gear, so I try not to. The necks and bodies seem pretty...
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    Clara or Flea Travels and Durability

    So, we're leaving for two weeks in Hawaii (Kauai and Big Island). I'm thinking of bringing either my Blackbird Clara or Concert Flea, BUT without a case. In other words, I would stick it in my backpack with the headstock sticking out the top. I like to travel light and don't want to bring a...
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    The “Uke Corner” in my study

    is it more stable upside down?
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    ***SOLD*** FS - Magic Fluke Concert Koa Hibiscus Soundhole Fluke

    Wow, that’s really nice. Good luck with the sale! My pineapple flea is probably my most played instrument!
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    Health issues forces me to change my uke collection.

    How about this one? Looks interesting and nice and thin!
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    fake kamaka?

    What are you calling vintage? The new ones are pretty nice and I think they’ve made some improvements over the years. What size are you looking for? Standard (soprano), concert or tenor?
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    Cool Vintage Kamaka on Reverb

    That’s pretty cool. I don’t understand the pick guard thing. Is it possible that they Shaved down that area of the soundboard and attached a pick guard which later fell off?
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    Help, Need to contact theukulelesite urgently.

    Maybe they went to NAMM in Anaheim, CA.
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    June 3-5, 2022 , 2022 NAMM Show , Please post any Ukulele news here

    I can tell by following some artists on social media that Ohana, Enya, and Kala are there.
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    OMG! Kamaka Kumu Jake Shimabukuro

    Wow! What the heck is this?!? Sign me up! (I probably can’t afford it)
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    Need some guidance with vintage Kamaka

    looks like waverly or grover tuners to me... good luck - sounds like a fun project