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    Christmas music

    I bought this on Musicnotes. Pretty easy arrangement and fun to play
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    Southern California Luthiers to fix frets, saddle, etc? (Long Beach or nearby)

    I would try raising the saddle. You can cut two business cards or a strip of credit card and place under the saddle to see if that helps. If it does and you want a more permanent solution you can ask a luthier to make a new saddle for you. Raising the saddle sometimes increases volume.
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    What do you play when 1st asked

    The forbidden song. Oh my
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    What do you play when 1st asked

    Haha. No Brittni Paiva’s version of the Judy Garland one.
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    What do you play when 1st asked

    So someone sees a ukulele in your office and asks do you play, What do you play? A whole song? Just a snippet or a whole song? Strumming or fingerpicking? it can be you see someone with a uke and you say hey that’s great! I play also and they hand you a uke and say play something, etc. I...
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    UAS strikes hard... and what was your most recent irrational purchase?

    my recent irrational purchase was an Ameritage Gold Tenor case. I now have a great case with no uke to put inside... :D not the most well thought out plan.
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    Fingerstyle uke

    I sometimes play my Otha-San which is a little longer scale than concert and shorter than tenor but because of the shape has a nice full sound. I think it makes the initial crazy chord stretches a little easier when figuring out the best chords to use
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    How cool is this?`

    I think I would ask for a picture if I realized Chris or Casey were the pilot on an inter island flight!?!
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    Iconic ukes

    I would also say a Kamaka HF-3 and Kamaka pineapple in addition to Martin Tenor…
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    Has anyone bought a cheap uke overseas just to practice?

    I shoved a soprano in a backpack and flew to Hawaii and back. if you have the bug and would enjoy playing it, I would!
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    Best way to humidify cabinet that will hold ukes?

    Very nice! I think you have room for about 4 more ukes in there
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    Please, somebody buy this

    I love it! (As I put on my loud Aloha shirt and flip flops…)
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    Stinky toxic uke cases

    I had one case (not Kala or uke crazy, but i couldn’t tell the brand). I spent over a year trying everything to get rid of the horrible smell. Left outside, left open, baking soda, cedar blocks, febreeze everything! You name it, I tried it. finally just gave the case away. the last step...
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    Why no fret #3 fret dots?

    It is awkward to transition but breaking bad habits is hard. I still catch myself defaulting to the position you are talking about from time to time, but if you look at the greats, the pros, they are not peeking at the ukulele at an angle like that. It’s like teaching yourself to play piano with...
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    SOLD~Kanile'a K-3 T Premium Tenor for Sale FURTHER PRICE REDUCTION~New Photos!

    Really pretty Koa. Are you the original owner? Do you know when it was made?