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  • Hauoli La Hanau Greetings Ginny....hope you have a wonderful day with family and friends close to your heart...did you get a B-day uke? Your friend, Stan
    Many thanks Ginny been tryingto get my entry done for the seasons today, taking the wife out for a indian buffet tonight, so rushed my song but had to do it today 42 season and i am 42 today i should of hosted really :) many thanks for thinking of me, kindest regards Dave :)
    Ginny, you are so nice to think of me!! I got a little distracted with the holiday but I will be back soon, I promise. Thanks for letting me know about the Seasonista group, I will join right away.

    Thanks for the heads up and Jake is playing in February. Got lots of choices by my house for a change!!
    Yes! Will do - work has been hectic. Looking forward to doing a rain song this week. Thanks for the reminder :D
    happy birthday Ginny!!!!! Hope you have an awesome day full of peace and love mate. Many blessings to you and Craig from Tassie! :)
    Thanks Ginny about the avatar:)
    I found him yesterday driving around the country side couldn't resist taking a snap.
    Thanks for the info on the VA Ukefest in Glen Allen. We have family in Richmond so we hope to attend. Looks like fun!
    Hi Ginny, I wish!!!!!! But instead of shipping it on Tuesday like he said he shipped it yesterday...... It was on the UPS truck today but going to my now I have to wait until Monday to get it.........:(
    Thank ya kindly! Sent them a message! It would be good to stay close to home.
    I think he started it sometime in May - so if it's done this week, that would be about two months, maybe even less. I'll post a full review after my uke instructor has had time to give it a good once-over; not that I expect there to be any issues. Mike said the build went really fast because there was no ornamentation, inlays, etc - those are the things that really take time.
    Funny thing, I'm having it shipped to my office since our home FedEx delivery tends to be kind of careless - it's a safe neighborhood and all but the FedEx guy leaves things right in plain view. Not a big deal when it's a $12 book; not so great when it's a... more than $12 uke :) But my timing couldn't be worse - I'm taking most of next week off from work, so chances are the uke is going to arrive when I'm not there. Good thing I'm less than a mile away, because I most certainly will be sneaking in to retrieve that box if it arrives when I'm technically "on vacation"! As for space issues - I already re-homed one of my Kamaka concerts in anticipation of this. I actually have room for up to five ukes - 4 on shelves, one on a wall hanger - but no more.
    This... week... the neck was going on today... he says a couple more days then off to FedEx, then another day to get to me. This... week!!!
    Oh, yeah.. we know about it. As a matter of fact, that's what we were discussing, when I started singing the chorus the first time.

    It is interesting the the new name: Ravhellenic Games (Greek Knitting Games) sounds a lot like Ravelympics (Sports Fans Knitting).

    Or as I started connecting the sots tonight... Greek Knitting, not to be confused with Greek Fire... Or Greek Lightening... Or Greased Lightning...

    And then I started singing (in my best fake GREASE style... "Go Greased Knitting! Go Greased Knitting!"

    I guess you just had to be there....

    Hahahahaha! My friend Tim (Tack here on UU) was teasing me after I said I never wanted to be considered a leader of anything. He said I could be Groom of the Stool. Apparently in the English Monarchy, the Groom of the Stool was the guy who looked after the king's potty. Because it was such an intimate position, it became a position of power and the king's confidante. The sound of it just made me laugh...I still refuse to be a leader of any sort...
    I play every Thursday with 4 players and one of them, 'Blue_Knight' just received his Pohaku.
    We weren't aware there was a Pohaku owners group. I'd like to join and I'm certain that he would also.
    The silver wire inlay of a humpback whale (see my last name) took a lot of communication. I sent him pictures; he would send me back some sketches. In the meantime, the curly koa was curing in his humidity controlled room. When he sent the sketch of the humpback, I immediately accepted and the uke progressed quickly over the next few months. The finished product is as close to perfect as can be. He put the name Silver Whale on the inside.
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