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  • I will be able to meet Thursday or Friday this week I will not have a ride.
    So I deleted it because it was the worst picture of me ever, but holy s**, that was my first uke-meetup ever. And the guy in the back standing next to Fil spent the entire time hitting on me.
    Hi, please join the new Seasonistas group. We want to see how many of us there are.
    Hang in there. You people are in my thoughts a lot. Take your landlord to the cleaners. Cripes! You have little kids to take care of.
    Thanks for the Happy Birthday! I love too how you know which thread to find me in!
    Have fun with that uke! I got the Kala 15-S myself. By spring maybe, we'll all be ukin it down the shore maybe in Longbranch or somewhere? Or at The Stoned Pony...
    Welcome to UU. i saw you in the Kersey group and wanted to say hi. Glass blowing art. That is very cool. Sorry to Quote Papa Dave but he is said it well. do you have a web site of your work?

    your profile said you started playing Feb 2010, So did you just started playing, what, Yesterday? lol. i started in Oct 2009 and loved it. What got you started and what is your uku of choice?
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