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    I bought "35" Ukuleles This Year

    Okay, so that title was total clickbait. I just received my new Ohana CK-35G today, which I'm thoroughly enjoying. But while I was waiting for it to arrive, I realized the other ukulele I bought this year (yes, only TWO!) is a Flight TUSL-35. Am I mysteriously drawn to the number 35...
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    Lockdown Entertainment

    I'm not even shopping for a new ukulele, but I kept checking Mim's online store this morning to see how quickly she'd fill her weekly quota. The store shut down in 5 hours!
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    Saturday Uketube

    I was watching Al Wood's Saturday Uketube when Jimmy Fallon's Classroom Instruments segment came on. Haven't seen it for a while, but I want to be in a classroom that's handing out Kamakas! That is a Kamaka, isn't it?. Major uke upgrade since last time I watched.
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    NGD Valencia

    So I finally bought a guitar. Okay, It’s not my first guitar, but the first one I’ve owned since I got into ukulele five years ago. It’s odd that I’m posting this NGD and I’ve never posted a NUD. I did take what I learned from buying ukuleles over the last five years into account when I bought...
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    Happy Year of the Hawaiian D7

    Okay, I can't take credit for it, I'm quoting Al Wood, but it was too good not to share.
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    Cure for UAS?

    When I see videos like this I realize I need to practise more. A nicer uke isn't going to make me sound like this. They don't even seem to be bothered by playing beyond the 12th fret! :eek:
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    Pencil Ukulele

    More of a wall hanger with those thick walls (good for quiet practice), but he puts way more effort into the build than I expected.
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    Question: Has your plastic uke ever gotten wet?

    I know there are more reasons for buying a plastic uke than waterproofness, but I’m curious as to how many plastic ukers get their ukuleles wet. My gut feeling is it’s a bit like the whole “you need an SUV to go off road” even though 95% of SUV owners don’t leave the asphalt. So, marketing...