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  • Good for you! Keep jammin' and remember any instrument especially a uke is a good way to relax or relieve ones stress.
    Where abouts in the UK are you from?
    I'm from a small town in the West Midlands (without the birmingham accent lol)

    Heh! You can delay the inevitable, but you can't hide from it. You know it is your destiny to come over to the dark side... Mwoah ha ha ha! (Er... or however diabolical laughter goes.)

    Sorry, I've never been much good at doing the sinister stuff. No one ever takes it seriously. *Sigh*
    Heck yes, get a uke. Not because of the fraud thing, but just because they're such fun. I never realised uke was a real instrument until relatively recently. Now I can't put 'em down. You can get a perfectly reasonable one for £25!
    Good to see you here. Wish it could have come about in happier times.

    Always nice to have more Brits on board. We're planning an invasion once there's enough of us. ;-)
    No worries - the offer is always there.
    I hope you get a uke for your birthday then! If you're a singer, we definitely need you, LOL. If you need any help with learning, just let me know :)
    I agree with Seeso. You need to take up the uke. If you do decide to, a few uke people are trying to arrange a monthly meet-up somewhere around Maidstone if you're interested? You only need a couple of chords and you'll be set :)
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