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  • The wheels on the UPS truck go round and round...and the Mya-Moe is nearly at your house! What a happy day that will be! Have mucho fun with it.
    Hi, Gm---

    I know you're dying to get your mya moe. How are you feeling about your Donaldson now that you've had time to get to know it?
    Gmoney, I just joined this site today and noticed you were from Al. My wife and I moved to Pigeon Forge, Tn. from B'ham. in 1976 to start a music business. Retired and sold the business in 2006. Where are you?
    ukers for christ! awesome. we should put a video or something together sometime! =D but where is your youtube account at? i couldnt find it. still figuring this site out
    Glenn, I am just getting into tea. I'mnot sure what I want or like. I do the normal green and chai and earl grey stuff. I want something that is nice to drink for a relaxing evening.
    I've seen your posts and know that you've had Mainland Mahogany & Cedar Tenors as well as the Pineapple longneck concert. If you had to pick just one, which would it be and why. My first uke is an Ohana PK-25G. I've been playing my dad's mele tenor and I think I like the neck size, so trying to narrow it down. Leaning towards cedar but don't want to regret not getting the pineapple.... any thoughts?
    yeah - couldn't resist! I wanted a long neck soprano & the price was right. The curly koa is pretty sweet & I knew that it had some intonation problems - it may have gotten some finish cracks like your Anole - and actually, I think it is really the nut needs changing - but... I bought that one & a vintage Martin 0 so I almost have my "stable" for now - until I see a good deal on a Pineapple Sunday!

    Man, I'm LOVING the KoAloha Super Concert though!
    Buhahahaha!! You bought the G-String from Chris?
    I hope you like the G-string. Chris is great to work with though. I've bought from him and he has bought from me:)
    Hey Gmoney, I live in Panama City, actually east of PC on east bay, kind of far out but ON the bay across from Tyndall AF base. Its beautiful, but a little lonely sometimes. At least I have my ukes to keep me company. Been wanting a bari and just bought a 63 Gibson off ebay. used to have a tenor, it was awesome, but for some strange reason I sold it also have a vintage gibson guitar, looks like crap, but sounds & plays great. just picked it back up the other day, man those necks are fat after playing a uke! can't wait for the bari.
    They are Freemont Blacklines - I think that I added a set of Worth Browns in the zipper pouch too. It does have a sweet sound doesn't it. I'm hoping to sell my other one - the Mainland, but it looks like the KoAloha that I bought to replace these two ukes might be lost by UPS!!!

    I'll own another Mele pineapple one day - they are pretty sweet indeed.
    Hi. I bought your Mele uke. Wondering what kind of strings those are on. Happen to remember? Real neat, warm sound, light action...... Thanks, Bill D.
    Hey Glenn... I had to create an account again on UU... guess it's been so long since I signed on... great to see you on here... the Koaloha is all packed up and ready... alohas!!

    would you be so kind as to PM me your Phone number Glen? I have a trade proposal I'd like you to think about.
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