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  • Sound like your pretty much on the same time table as me, on the playing. Click on the link in my signature and it'll give you an idea as to why. Got my custom July 15th, and now I have an amp (uke has a pickup). Play every day now, if I can get away with it. Usually and hour to an hour and a half a day when I can get it in. Now that finger are calloused up, I truly love it. Oops just realized it doesn't leave a signature on visitor board, go to my post in your thread if you feel like reading a short story.
    Howdy from Kentucky,
    What are you retired from? I'm a C.O. at a prison with 12 years left to go. Been at it for 21 combining working with the state and now federal. Sweet job. Looking forward to hearing from you. PM me if you don't feel comfortable with message boards.

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