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    Bridge Plate or no?

    From an engineering perspective I’d be happy to go with what the OP proposes, as far as I’m concerned it’s functional - good enough is good enough. The bridge already spreads the load and the plate supports it as a secondary load spreader. edit. Voting for adding the split bridge plate. You...
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    Martin style soprano build, tuners?

    I’ve not built ukes but some I own or have owned have tuners like these: . The parallel friction surfaces have worked well for me and a fibre washer between the two seems to be a plus.
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    any interest on a soprano scale concert body ukulele?

    John Bianchi - a one active member here - has one which he expertly plays on YouTube. IIRC Uncle Rod Higuchi had a friend make a Soprano scale concert body Uke for him and he was very pleased with it.
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    What would be your signature ukulele if you had one?

    I made a guess. IIRC Uncle Rod Higuchi had something similar made for him by a pal, several years back. It sounds like a very interesting idea to me and I hope to hear more of it over the coming months. This sort of thing...
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    What would be your signature ukulele if you had one?

    I quite like Bill’s stance above as (thankfully) captured by Don. The original (fat waist and friction tuners) Mahalo U30’s were in at the start of the Ukulele revival; I prefer the original to later versions and love their simplicity, affordability and (when sorted out) functionality. In...
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    Hard Cases vs Gig Bags

    True, however the other side of that perspective might be that on another day, at a warmer time of the year, the windbreaker might be just right for delivering the protection sought and a thicker coat would be a nuisance. Here in the UK we don’t see 40 below, the colder weather sees us using...
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    Travel or beater instruments

    I don’t find that there is any one answer that suits all. The gist of a comment on the same topic elsewhere was that ukes are not that expensive that you need to skimp on them so take a good Uke and enjoy it. I kind of understood what he was saying and it was a ‘light bulb’ moment for me...
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    WTB Heavily used Kanile'a 5-string super tenor

    I wish you luck. Some stuff just does not come up for sale very often and when it does it’s maybe sold via a platform we’re not looking at. Any second hand five string tenor is a comparatively rare beast so whatever you can do to widen your net should be a help? I don’t know what’s realistic...
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    What’s your ukulele “hot take”?

    My observation and personal experience is that whilst one good instrument can be better to have than several cheaper ones it’s also possible, indeed usual, to spend a lot of money on that special Uke and then find that it doesn’t live up to or match expectations. If you can have an extended...
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    Hard Cases vs Gig Bags

    Surely it’s all about risk assessment and cost versus benefit(s)? If you have an expensive Uke that you believe to be fragile or otherwise easily damaged then it would be best practise for it to live in a hard case because that’s the best protection available for it. However, if like me, you...
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    Mr Timms ukes

    Well, if you do know where he lives - or have local friends who can tell you - then a friendly call by with some cans of beer might help. Take a Uke with you and you might end up having a play too. My suspicion is that Ken sells all of his Ukes on eBay … and that under the counter he has a few...
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    Bell Uke Uke Case Finished

    Great work Jerry, well done, respect 👏.
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    Best Sounding Ukuleles

    It’s the same Uke whether plugged in or not, but if it sounds better to you plugged in then go for it. I’ve restrung a few Ukes and am really liking the difference in sound, same Uke but a better sound. My solid Ohana Concert sounds better than my laminate Kala Sopranos and they sound better...
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    Best Sounding Ukuleles

    I think that I sort of know where you’re coming from there, we all like to have nice instruments and some, particularly at the low end of the market, do sound a bit better than others. However, what about the person who already has some really nice Ukes, several hundred dollars worth type...
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    Little, Odd Uke

    Yes, some things are an acquired taste and at £29 for a travel Uke they are a bargain, we’ll sort of could be a bargain - even for a Yorkshireman £29 isn’t that vast sum to chance on an instrument. Some years ago I was interested in a Lonely Player and watched this review: The review told me...