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  • Whhhoooo yeahhh,,, how f@#k'n hot has it been man,,, 47c in G-Town,,,,,ridiculus
    Howz all them fires too man,,,, 130 dead, and counting,,,, some f@#k'd up s@#t man,,
    i am under steve kardian in a suburb of NYC, he is one of phil miglarese's students, who is one of relson gracie's students. I have been training for about a year and now. I am a white. Congrats on your purple belt, that is really awesome.
    hey Nam, how u going?

    i'm from mt waverley originaly... now living in blackburn sth (basicaly same area).
    i've been playing Uke for almost 2 years now.. b4 that i played bass for 6-7 years.. i also dable in a bit of guitar (but don't like it.. too many strings!), and harmonica.

    it'd b wicked to get together and jam sometime!
    nice to meet u mate!

    take care!

    whooooa. thats what your getting made? how much is this coming out too. sounds siick and the pick uppp is gonna be crrrazzy
    so your homeboy is making you an uke?
    i have a passive lr baggs pickup those killl. but the fishman active matrix> bommb too but it cost like 250.. hahaha
    what kinda uke are you gonna get set up...?

    man if i had a chooice id get tenor scale spikta spruce soundboard back and sides figured walnut or mastergrade 5A black koa. slotted head stock with ebony face plate. with a turtle or panda inlay on the head stock in mop (white) yeess. thats its. RIGHT THERE! WOOOOT> hahaha yeah what about you?
    kanilea is goinng to souunnd BOMB!
    you should just get a pickup installed man! good luck mate!
    Still coming this Tuesday, you should bring your uke and play on stage :p
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