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  • good on you man. i havent done it for a while and my sensai wouldnt let people may age go to blue.. he was heaps good he grew up on the streets and thought street kids to defend themselves and stuff and my more resent 1 went to rio for a year i think to learn some things..
    so you guys have ISKA (international sporting karate ass') i used to always enter thoughs and went pretty well
    mad man i did it for years when i was younger but only got to green belt. i did japanese and brasilian JJ. and my brothers both do it and are heaps good at it..
    do you do any comps??
    hey man im from sydney do u no of the cronulla riots? haha its the only reason people ever know the place well i live not far from there.

    what sort of grappling do u do? brazilian?
    Hi , sorry if i asked a personal question. I am Cambodian :)
    anywho i got an electronic tuner, i am using the chromatic function and tuning the G string to the G scale from the tuner, is this now its suppose to be done? What does the corresponding G4 G3 mean. THANKS so much for putting up with me .thanks
    I just brought a korg chromatic tuner sa-30, on ebay for $25 US (shipping inc.), what kind of music do you play on the uke?
    I been playing for under a month now, there isn't a day i ain't uking away.
    Shouldn't use the word 'hobby' , its more like an obession now.
    Hay i am planning on getting a chromatic tuner (electronic) , can you help recommend one and somewhere to get one in Melb. frekin driving me nuts tuning it by ear. thanks talk to you soon.
    Hi, i live in the south-east side Melbourne , Springvale. I also know another member Nemy who also lives in Melbourne. Great because this hobby right now to me is pretty lonely. Small world after all. :D
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