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  • Is there a way to delete a thread? Someone on the forum has asked my thread "Mike Da Silva" to be deleted. I'd prefer to not get into why if it's not necessary, but I respect his wishes.

    Holy smokes! I've seen 2 posts from you in 2 days! How are ya, Grumpy? Don't see you on the UWC list. That is way too bad.
    thank you for locking that thread. i meant no harm, no disrespect - just wanted to point out a nice article. i work for both the nyt and wsj, one we call the liberal rag, the other the corporate bible. i had no idea people were so sensitive about the word liberal. geez. sorry again
    Likewise. I was just watching some of a Sunday night video I took during Cortez. Has that made it up on YT yet? DeG was the one who recorded it. Thanks for the note, dpg
    G'day there Grumpy!!

    Loved seeing you at the UWC!!
    It was THE BEST TIME.
    Looking forward to next year.

    Great to see you at the UWC!! Sunday was awesome with all the Neil Young. Hope you made it home safe and all's well. I'll stay in touch. dpgratz
    you are so kind with me! ok now I know how to start, I have the day, the time and the place... I can organize the trip...
    I sent a message on UU, his channel and Rel-bar's website, now I wait... He seems to be a cool guy, I didn't know him, it's great!
    anyway, you can count on me to share and participate to the transport charges, it's totally normal!
    Take care and i'll give you some news as soon as possible... ;°)
    well I don't even buy fly tickets for the moment! LOL I'll tell You that as soon as possible...
    Maybe the best would be YOU tell me what day, what time and I'll be here!
    Anyway, thanx so much for your answer and your kindness...

    Mike told me to contact Relbar, because he will fly from Paris too... I sent him a message on UU but he doesn't seem to be connected on UU very often, has he got a YT channel, maybe you know?
    hi dear Grumpy, don't want to be omnipresent but Seeso told me maybe you could help me to find a way to go from indianapolis airport to UWC area... hope I won't bother U asking my question...
    but I sure need help to organize this crazy trip!
    have a nice day ;°)
    Happy Birthday starts with the same letters as Hate Bacon. Hate Bacon Grumpy! Hope you have a plate of it.
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