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  • How did the 'Plus 1' session go? Are you rockin' it out yet!?
    Btw - thanks for answering my text question yesterday, it really helped me out! :)
    Nice meeting you as well. Great uke. I love that sap wood. Add me to your facbook. I forgot what you said it was under.
    Hi Henry!

    Thanks for all the kind words!

    Yeah, I've been playing some kind of instrument since I was around 4-5 years old...so I bet that helps :) But I do have to say, ukulele is one of the most forgiving of the instruments when you're learning. I've tried to play guitar more times than I can count, but with no luck...then I pick up the uke, and magically I can play CHORDS! :) It's a fabulous instrument!

    How'd you like that monsoon today!? We just found a big water bubble in our ceiling this morning - so while you're worrying about your basement...I'll be worrying about the roof! Gotta love the midwest! :) Thanks for finding me on here - hope to talk with you soon! :)

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