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  • I miss you too!!! I'm so happy that you live so close because if I ever get REALLY bad Henry-withdrawl, I can at least hide in your bushes and see you! Hey - that reminds me of a Victoria Vox song... ;) Thanks for carting my ass around again, those hours in the car literally FLY by!
    Who knew you were rubbing your nipples? I missed it! The pleasure of meeting was all mine! You're terrific! Now that I've seen you in person I feel free to say this -- your pictures do not do you justice. "Tis a pity Faricelli rubbed off on you -- and it's good he's not reading this right now because he would for sure have something to say.:) But, you gotta love him -- even if he can't hug well.
    My dear Henry! Will you be able to chat about Friday's plans a little bit tomorrow? When could I call? MISS YOU! :D
    Hey - any song suggestions for the jam next weekend? I tend to pick stuff no one knows (which I have convinced myself that it's only because I'm cool...not uncultured :biglaugh:)
    ( i thought i posted this on your visitor messages but apparently not, so this is a week old, lolll)

    It was good meeting you too! wow, I'm glad you experienced it so strongly, so cool. thank you thank you
    I just realized I never responded to your last message - I'm so sorry to hear about Brenda's aunt. I hope you guys are doing well - please take it easy!
    It's was nice seeing you again today! :) Hope everything goes well - let me know if you need an emergency stress-free jam session! ;)
    Hey henry! I've been thinking of contacting you to see how you and the uke are doing.
    I've been super busy working on orders. I'm jamming this week in order to find time to get to the Waikiki Ukulele festival this Sunday. Trying to plan something as simple as going off island is like going to the moon. Just about as expensive too!
    Aloha & be well.
    hey thanks Hank! that song was is hell on the vocal cords. i'd love to be able to do it really well but that's just not in the cards. keep on rockin' dude!

    RIP Billy Mays
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