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    HanktheTank's Slave 4 New Wave Ukulele Video Contest

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to announce HanktheTank's Slave 4 New Wave Ukulele Video Contest. What: Submit a new wave ukulele video. Here is an example of 80's New Wave. Make it a video response to my video above (not the new wave example video) and...
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    Chicago Ukulele Group - CHUG

    CHUG-the CHicago Ukulele Group now has its own Youtube page. Our first video was from todays CHUG Jam. It is of Shani singing a song the only way she knows how-beautifully. Thanks for checking it out.
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    My first Original

    I think it is a lot easier to play and post videos of covers than it is an original. Well here is the first song and only song I have written to this point. Though I am nervous about it, I am proud I was able to get it done. Thanks to Seeso for helping me find my inner voice. I hope you all...
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    Just a Friend - Biz Markie

    I had fun doing this one. The singing required in this song isn't a far stretch from my actually singing. enjoy!
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    Born of Frustration - James and others

    I had a busy last couple of days. I think I did 5 new videos. Here are a few of them Born of Frustration-James Stand Inside Your Love -Smashing Pumpkins Tyrone -...
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    William King Long Scale Tenor

    I hate to part with this ukulele but I have a William King Long Scale Tenor for sale. She is absolutely gorgeous and only has a few hours of playing time on her. She was just finished and shipped last month (Nov '09). The koa tenor features curly maple binding, an ebony fingerboard with MOP...
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    To Sheila - Smashing Pumpkins

    Ukeshale suggested I put this up. I wanted to do a less traditional Pumpkins song and this one was nice and simple.
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    Ironman World Championships

    The Ironman World Championships just started a bit ago from Kailua/Kona HI. You can view it live at 2.4 mile swim 112 mile bike 26.2 mile run =Ironman
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    She's Like the Wind - Patrick Swayze

    As you may know, Patrick Swayze lost his long battle with Pancreatic Cancer yesterday. I say long battle as Pancreatic Cancer usually takes your life within 6 months of diagnosis. He fought it for 20 months. This is my ukulele cover of "She's Like the Wind" from the movie "Dirty Dancing."...
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    When In Rome - The Promise

    Ok, so here is my first solo uke video. Yikes:eek: I have a lot of work to do in order to do my new Moore Bettah Ukulele justice, but I had fun.
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    Chicago Ukulele Jam

    Here is a video of Seeso, Lisaxy424, Poisondart, Faricelli, and me playing at our monthly Chicago Ukulele Jam. We had a great time and even managed an encore at the end. :music:
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    Who is a lefty player

    I was just curious how many of you are left handed uke players? What I mean is, how many of you play left handed? I know there have been threads and discussions about playing left handed and there are people who are lefty that learned to play righty, but I wanted to find the true lefties out...
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    MY Moore Bettah Ukulele- T-minus tomorrow!

    I am expecting my new Moore Bettah Ukulele tomorrow-I can't wait! I really thought long and hard about what kind of uke I wanted to get. Should I go with a factory "K" or should I go custom? After seeing Chuck's website, , I was extremely intrigued and had to find out...
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    Yikes-I think my 4 year old is developing symptons of...

    ...UAS! I bought my 4 year old son a Mahalo to tool around on a month or so ago. I tried to show him chords to play but, being a four year old, he would rather just tool around on it. Well, the other day, my concert flea came in from MGM and as soon as my son sees it, he says that he wants...
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    Kids and guitar lessons?

    I was wondering what an appropriate age is for a child to start taking guitar lessons. I have, soon to be, 5 and 7 year olds that see me playing my uke and want to play. I will go to my local music store and see what their thoughts are but I just thought I would pose the question to you all...