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    just wondering...seasonal anticipation syndrone

    Season 366 looks fun but...
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    Season 365 - Aloha!

    The Rules: • All songs this Season must be about Hawaii, or an aspect of Hawaii, or written by a Hawaiian, or popularized by a Hawaiian. • Originals are encouraged! • Your song must be newly-recorded and exclusively for Season 365. • Don’t post any videos that are not entries – put those things...
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    Season 358: The 1930s!

    This is what I really want for the holidays - awesome 1930s songs from the Seasonistas! Remember, there's still a whole lot of celebrating to do over on Geoff's thread! Playlist
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    Season 350: Seasonista Originals

    Season 350: Seasonista Originals For this Season, we will celebrate original songs written by Seasonistas. Let’s use this Season as an opportunity to celebrate our songwriting friends and discover some amazing songs. There is a list of originals written by some talented Seasonistas IN THIS...
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    Do You Have A Playlist Of Your Original Songs?

    For those who write songs, do you have a YouTube playlist of your originals? I'd love to be able to go through them and enjoy some of your terrific stuff. I thought of this just now as I was listening through Pa's amazing playlist. I thought, "Wouldn't it be nice to have a central location...
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    Season 332: The Alphabet

    375 as of last count. I sure am enjoying Season 333, by the way! It's a good one!
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    Season 332: The Alphabet

    Seasonistas are amazing.
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    Season 332: The Alphabet

    This is madness. This is heresy.
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    Season 332: The Alphabet

    288 so far. I am one happy camper!
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    Season 332: The Alphabet

    You folks are delighting and astonishing me! Much love!
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    Season 332: The Alphabet

    225 as of this moment. You folks are spectacular - including the folks who entered just 1 or a few! G'night, catch ya tomorrow!
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    Season 332: The Alphabet

    I'm gonna catch up a bit on Jessica Jones and then turn in. Sweet dreams and thanks for another awesome day!
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    Season 332: The Alphabet

    Wow. I continue to be amazed, astonished, and delighted.
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    Season 332: The Alphabet

    I am having a blast!