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    A Big Thank You to Mim!

    I teach ukulele in So.California. One of my students was looking to get a better ukulele. I only refer to 3 places online. Mim's Ukes is one of them. I contacted her re my student and the new ukulele, an Ohana cedar topped concert. My student ordered it and when she got it she couldn't have bee...
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    Need a contact for Mim's Uke

    I would like to contact Mim re purchase of Ohana CK-50G Ukulele. I can't find her phone number or her email address. Can anyone help me. Thanks so much.
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    Question About Onsong

    I've been looking the tutorials for Onsong and notice that the chord diagrams are for guitar. Does the program support ukulele chords as well? Thanks for the help.
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    Need Some Help Width Strings

    I have a Mainland cedar top tenor. The original strings are on it and I assume they are Aquilas. I am not pleased with the sound and the tension seems very high. Does anyone have any suggestions for other strings for this ukulele? I know this is a very subjective subject but I would really...
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    Concert or Tenor Strings

    I need to put new strings on my Koaloha super concert. They will be Worth strings, but should I put on concert or tenor strings? What to you all think? Thanks
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    What Kind Of Acoustic Amp?

    I recently got a new tenor ukulele with a MiSi pickup in it. I have always played without an amp, so this is very new for me. A friend suggested that I get a Fishman Loudbox Mini Acoustic Amp. is this a good amp and are there others in the same price range ($150-$250) that would do the job. Any...
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    New Mainland

    Just got a beautiful Mainland tenor. I think it has Aquila strings on it which I'd like to change out. It has a would low G. What strings do folks like that that uke. What about Worth clears with an unwound low G. I know that the "strings" thread are overdone but thanks for the help.
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    Recommendations for strings on a Kiwaya Concert?

    I have just gotten a mahogany Kiwaya concert. A bit beat up but very playable. It is missing two strings, so I'll be getting new ones. Any recommendations for strings would be appreciated. Also will a MiSi pick up work on it? Thanks
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    Senior Member

    How does one become a senior member?
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    Low G string

    I would like to put a low G string on my Kiwaya concert uke. When I look at the strings sets, the low G string for a concert seems to be the same diameter as for a tenor uke, i.e. 0358." Because it's a concert ukulele is there a low G string that is slightly lesser in diameter. I'd like to put...
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    New Koaloha Concert

    I just recently purchased a primo Koaloha longneck concert ukulele from an individual. It is in beautiful shape and has a low G string. My question is what kind of strings would come with that uke. I don't know if they are original strings, but they don't feel good to me. What brand of strings...
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    Mainland Ukes

    I have a friend with a new Mainland cedar top soprano and I like it very much. Can someone please give me the background on Mainland ukuleles - where they're made, something about the company, etc? Thanks to all.
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    What Happened to the Dr. Uke Website?

    I've logged in to the Dr. Uke website but I can only get the audio of the tunes, not the tunes with words and chords. Is this something temporary or have things changed on the website? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Why Did I Tell You I Was Going To Shanghai

    I'm looking for the chords to this old tune. Can anyone help. Also does anyone know of a website that handles obscure American tunes like the one I referenced. I'm also looking for chords to Matt Dennis' "Compared to You." Thanks for any help.
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    Just got back from Oahu.

    I just got back from Oahu. Checked out the usual ukulele stores in Honolulu, but made a special trip to the North Shore - Haleiwa - to see the new Hawaiian Music Supply store there. Haleiwa is a small town, about an easy 45 minute drive from Honolulu. The store is easy to find. I had the great...