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    Please, help! I dropped my iPhone in water.

    I had the same problem with my iPhone 8. I put it in a silica gel packet. Then I turned it on. It worked, but my speaker sounded weird. My friend suggested using a hard water cleaner. This is an application (I chose Clear Wave) that helps to make the speaker sound clear. To be honest, I was...
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    Formula 1 Racing

    I never really sat down and watched a race, but this year I joined my husband, who enjoys watching sports (I even had to look for the proper app for Firestick when decided to cut the cord, by the way, here is a good list of such applications...
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    Covid-19: what was it like for you?

    Honestly speaking, I was really frightened by the situation, so I worked only remotely and was completely self-isolated. The hardest thing for me was that I couldn't meet my family and friends, hug my parents, and safely go outside. As I missed communication, I started using dating services, the...
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    Which newer movies do you watch over and over?

    I used to download movies on my PC, but I stopped when I cut the cord and switched to FireStick. Now I just use Downloader Codes for apps that install APK files from the internet on my device, so I can access all my favorite content at...
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    Hi everybody!

    Hi! I'm Helena and I'm new to the forum. I decided to start learning the ukulele when the quarantine began. Finally, I found time for that. So, I'm pretty new to the instrument, but I really enjoy playing.