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    Another Timms on eBay

    He posts on the forum occasionally. I think he said one of those sold 20-some minutes after he posted it. I’m delighted to have mine!
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    How to take the next step?

    Yes. I have very good pitch but didn’t know how to breathe or project until I took voice lessons. The pandemic interrupted them and I’ve regressed. But when I was doing those once- weekly lessons, my playing and confidence improved dramatically.
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    Thinking of thinning the herd

    Keep the Blackbird and Flight for sure.
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    Season 505 - S-P-E-L-L-I-T-O-U-T

    Not much spelling here, Brian, but at least it’s repetitive!
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    Taropatch Brands

    Ohana makes a taropatch, all-mahogany. Mim sells them, but I understand she’s taking a several-week hiatus soon to help Mr. Mim recover from surgery,
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    Kiwaya standard vs thinline sopranos

    I bought mine used for $160. It wasn’t a steal, there are a few dings, but the seller and I were happy with the price, and it was a great deal. They pop up on eBay and the UU marketplace every now and then.
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    Kiwaya standard vs thinline sopranos

    I have an FS-1 with Worth Browns (same as KS-1, just a different label) and love it. They’re such great players and punch well above their price point.
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    WTB Ken Timms Mahogany Soprano

    Good luck! I might say you don’t know what you’re missing, but you do!
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    Magic Flea sound

    My soprano Flea with koa top and wood fretboard lives beside my sofa. it sounds resonant and a bit rounder than my two special sopranos (a Depression-era Gibson and a Ken Timms), but they’re meant to sound like classic sopranos. The Flea is a great player that doesn’t need babying. My Firefly...
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    SEASON 504- Music as an empathetic friend

    Yeah, Irving Azoff, who controls copyright for Eagles and a lot of other artists from SoCal, has minions who can be extremely aggressive about policing YouTube. It sucks, especially if you have no expectation of receiving $$$, and make it clear you don’t, but there it is. It seems that Eagles...
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    SEASON 504- Music as an empathetic friend

    Hi Dave and Mel — Thanks a million for doing this. Maybe a little conditional hope would help at this time. Anyway, I love the vibe this one conveys.
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    'Best' Keys for Song Circles, your opinions please

    We play a lot more in D these days. It’s not too much of a strain for the baritone or soprano singers. C and G can be an issue for one or the other.
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    NUD: Martin 0XK concert

    I wonder if Martin will make a tenor from HPL. I guess sales of the concert may factor in that decision.
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    NUD: Martin 0XK concert

    Right. The fretboard is sipo, same material used on my C1K.
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    NUD: Martin 0XK concert

    They aren’t 2s. I’ve replaced 2s on my Flea and Firefly with 4s and 6s. The tuners on the Martin are definitely not 2s.