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  • Sorry. They're on my table ready to ship to you. I haven't remembered to ask my wife how to do it. My email address is ghostrdr@gmail.com. I went to the post office on April 14 and the lines were crazy so I was not in a big hurry to go back on the 15th. Email me your address and I'll try to send them out this week. Rich
    Mine just got here and it's prettier than the pictures. But they always are, aren't they? It's very soft voiced now but I'm sure it'll open up with lot's of playing. Not quite as loud as the Super Concert. Well, can't type and play at the same time. Let me know what your impressions are of yours. Take care.

    Hey, it's new uke day!
    Unfortunately I have about 7 hours to go before UPS shows up (West Coast Time).
    I can hardly wait.
    Thanks jude for the info (with the hygrometer test). With my 4 guitars, 3 mandolins, my ukulele and my djembee, I wonder why nobody told me about stuff like that??? Well it's never to late to learn.
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