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    St. Jude Auction Results

    It's over and $51.00 will go to St. Jude Hospital and the tuners will be on their way to Vermont Monday. Many thanks to all who make this possible. Jude
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    Auction for St. Jude Children Research Hospital The link says it all. Thanks to LifesShort for the donation of the Harmony tuners. Jude
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    Twenty Old Time Tunes for Ukulele

    Here's a link to a new Mel Bay book that Old Time music lovers might find interesting. Jude
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    KoAloha Soprano w/Gator Case

    I recently got this one on a trade with a fellow forum member. It's one of six KoAlohas that I have and the only soprano. I'm letting it go as I just don't play sopranos anymore. It was made in 2011 and is in very good condition with the usual honorable scars, character marks, almost visable...
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    Trade Feeler: KoAloha Soprano for a nice tenor

    Uke trade PM sent. I have a koa Pono PKT-1-E with hard case if you're interested.
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    $135 for Shipping from Hawaii? Ridiculous!

    I couldn't believe this one and the seller implies that ebay and Paypal requirements justify the high shipping costs. Not true. See it here-...
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    Farting Dogs and Ukuleles

    I've got them both. One clears my sinus and the other cleanses my soul. Jude
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    Sept 1998 KoAloha Sighting

    See it here- This is an early one with the round sound hole. I sent a question to the seller- And here's his reply- I hadn't noticed the sound hole when I sent the query but did notice the one piece top. Possibly...
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    Musical Instrument Makers Forum

    I just discovered this forum yesterday and thought I'd share with you. Enjoy. Jude
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    KoAloha Overeagerness, Arghhh!

    Wow, do I feel stupid! I'm not going to be able to get the beautiful KoAloha tenor that I thought I was getting and that I wrote about in the "Another Free Tuner From MGM. I'm used to Mike putting up pictures of the actual uke that for sale, but not this time. Way down the page amongst all...
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    Another Free Tuner from MGM

    Ya just gotta love the guy. He's going to send me another free tuner! And here's all that I had to do to get it.:) Jude
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    Unusual KoAloha on ebay

    I've been watching this one. It was bought less than four years ago but has the old style label and no markings on the neck end-block. Notice that the end of the fingerboard is curved to match the sound hole. Obviously, to me anyway, a factory second with the reset bridge. Could this have come...
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    Kala Spalted Maple/Spruce Concert KA-FMC

    I've just listed this one on ebay. I bought it new about a year ago and am selling it to make room on my wall of ukes for another KoAloha. Ten percent of the final selling price will go to UNICEF to help the children of our world. See it here-...
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    The Amazing Clock

    For those waiting for the new uke to arrive, you may as well wait in style with the Amazing Clock. See it here- Jude
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    How about having a Test Forum? Jude