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  • oh bummer. well hit us up next time you're back in town. good luck with the semester and such!
    yo Carlo, some of us get together every 1st and 3rd wednesday of the month to jam for a few hours in the evening. we meet at a restaurant here in SF, if you're interested, i can PM you more info.

    jam on dude!
    I live in Virginia. lol. but yes, the next time I'm in town, we definitely need to hang out a little longer.
    Hey there. Very cool meeting you in SF. Thanks for coming out to the show too.
    I'm usually there at the 8:30 mass. I'll stick around if you want to jam. Not this Sunday, but possibly next? Do you come back on the weekends when you are at school?
    Hey Carlo,

    Good meeting you last night at the club meeting. You should consider doing Oktoberfest.

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